ONE pretty perfect weekend.

i have kept my little self busy like a bee, doing some amazing things. with some amazing people.
i went on a small, but perfect adventure with nicola and lina. we went to brighton. we met up for lunch with our dear friend, claire. which was just lovely. then later on, pretty little mandy popped by. was such a good saturday.
lina has been staying with nicola, and they have been on so many adventures together, whilst lina has been visiting from america. i was so excited to be invited along with one of their little planned trips. was amazing to meet another blogger, and was so much fun.
i absolutely can not get over the fact that spring has arrived here in kent already. it is completely strange. i think april will be very bare without blossom on the trees and all those beautiful spring flowers.
i am still secretly hoping for snow. it still has not made itself visible yet. please hurry! i miss you.
sunday was a lovely day also. i had a very relaxing morning, then by lunch, it was time to take a long walk to my sister's house. it was one of my beautiful nephew's birthday. he was one! little baby felix.
and it's his brother, ralph's birthday in a couple of weeks- he will be four!
they are all growing up so fast, and this scares me so.
it was also my friend's little girl's birthday today. she was one also. so many babies! and so much cake... though i really do not mind.
i have put some more jewellery up on my little shop. so, please take a little peek. and there is still so much more to come.
i have also got some giveaways planned. so stay tuned.
lots of love and pirate chocolate.


  1. How nice! I miss Brighton so much. That building is so palace like, it fascinates me so! xxxx

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend :) I used to live in Brighton and I really don't miss it, although it is nice for day trips. So many babies! I have none around me.. xx

  3. You always sound like your having the perfect time you really do!
    how cute is the little babaaa :-) And lots of cake is always good.
    The top your wearing is such a cute print.x

  4. awww, this is such a great way to spend weekends off with close ones and cakes! xx

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Lots of cake is never a bad thing. I love your nails, they look really nice.

  6. What a great weekend!! So glad I came across your lovely blog :) So inspiring, now following you xx


  7. Hiya, first time commenter, just want to say how much I aways loved your blog :) Kids do grow up fast, I'm turning 28 and I still feel like I should be 19 - where does the time go aye? Great photos, looks like you indeed had a great weekend :)
    Maggie - www.muudles.com

  8. awww! i loved meeting you & all the adventures we had! so much fun.
    i'm excited to follow your blog regularly now : )


*Forever Love*