what a crazy crazy week. work has been so very strange. a little bit stressful. a little bit frustrating. a little bit funny. a little bit impossible. a little bit ridiculous. but it's friday, and i am laughing now!
through the horrible week of work, i have tried to keep my face smiling, my brain creative, and my heart in it.
i went on a couple of adventures. i got paid.. finally. 
i have been watching dexter with my prince. eating christmas fudge. and drinking breakfast teas.
i played and made things at my desk, in my little room. and have been writing letters to faraway faeries.
i have been painting my nails all different colours. like tiger prints and a grey, neutral palette. and tomorrow... something completely different.
...and drinking more breakfast teas. in small cups. in medium mugs. and in a huge mug.
some evenings after work, i have been in complete miserable mode. a super grumpersaurus rex. i really have no idea how sebastian has coped with me! poor prince. 
i have gotten back into writing in my journal book. and i love it. it is getting full now, i am nearly to the end.
i love looking through the previous pages. some days i have not even written anything, just drawings, or a magazine clipping or papers and things.
i love my little craft room. i feel so much happier sitting in there. i feel an instant creativity breeze wash over me. with all my inspiration papers. polaroids. pictures taped up. tins of treasure. i just love it.
i know today's post was a little random. but this is exactly how my week has gone- random! a snow-globe full of emotions whooshing around inside a little glass bubble. have a lovely weekend everyone.
i hope your week has been better. has it?
goodnight little pixies.


  1. Oh I love your diary! I have been writing/making collages/painting/drawing in mine as well!

    xx Carina

  2. Ohh gosh i feel you on the job front O_O! Sometimes work can be so stressful I work in a school with kids too, so on days when you just do not feel like talking to anyone it's quite hard >_<!

    Your writing is so beautiful <3 everytime i read your blog I picture a pink and pastel shaded fairy land with marshmallow clouds and kittens and unicorns O_O.

    How's life as an engaged lady?! Do you hand people things with your hand casually turned over so they can see your ring hehe?! xxxx

  3. Your journal looks amazing! I have always wanted to do something like that!


  4. creativity is always too fun. i love your journal! it gives me many ideas! i hope you have a relaxing weekend and that your upcoming week is better than the last! :)

  5. I love posts like this! I love your craft room too, candy for the eyes.

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  7. absolutely love this post! i love how creative you are and how beautiful your desk is. it'd inspire me if i had a desk like that :) hope you're well xx

  8. Oh I love your little creative space, it looks perfect! And I am a big fan of a huge mug of tea in a Cath Kidston mug of course :) Boo, work can be very frustrating at times. Hope it gets better xx

  9. This is such a cute post! I love the way you write, and how you call your boyfriend your prince! I call my fiance the same :)

    Jazz xo

  10. I missed reading your blog so very much! I'm so glad that I can enter your lovely world again for i got my time back.
    There's always something so sweet and enchanting in your writing, dear, i absolutely can't get enough of your words. And the photos are stunning as always.
    Grumpersaurus rex? Haha that is brilliant and i adore all the outfits you're wearing in the pictures, the huge mug makes me want to drink tea and your craft room seems like a magical playroom that is hidden in the woods! So cozy and full of inspiring treasures<3

  11. I'm very jealous of your little craft room. Must sort mine out. Hope you feel better soon lovely xx

  12. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I have literally spent the last 45 minutes looking through your posts. You have a new follower :D

    Cat xxx

    P.S. I am addicted to Dexter :/

  13. You have inspired me to get arty and get creative! Love all your pictures and crafts!

    I am a new your blog!

    Danni xx

  14. Awh, how cute your journal is! I wish I was that creative.
    I hope you've been well!

    Lots of love


*Forever Love*