a week in the life of

my week off has been delightfully busy. i have tried my upmost to be creative. so i made things and have finished some packages and visited the post office. i have seen family. i have seen friends.
i have had starbucks. i have had cafe nero. i have danced to beyonce. i have eaten cake. i have drunk copious amounts of tea. and i have NOT missed work an ounce.
i received a lovely vintage teapot, in which my beautiful friend Leoni had at her wedding. she used teapots for her centrepieces, for her flowers. such a lovely idea. i want to make candles using teacups as the holder. really badly.
i have got some new jewellery to put up on the website, so when i get a chance at the weekend, hopefully i shall put them online.
oh... ofcourse. i had to take my beautiful engagement ring off! i cut my finger... with a pair of scissors! i literally cut inbetween my engagement finger and middle finger... and it is not just a little cut, it is really deep. euch. i actually think i need a stitch! oops.
off to brighton tomorrow, then my teeny nephew Felix turns one on sunday, so i am of to a teeny party. have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. i love being creative! i try to find bunches of different ways to do new things to be creative. i hope your finger feels better! ow-sounds like it really hurts!

  2. these photos are all so lovely! thats sucks you cut between your fingers, OUCH!


  3. I love those weeks where tou're really creative and productive. Hope your lovely time continues xoxo

  4. Such pretty photos! I am so happy that youre posting more often! Love your blog to pieces! Silly billy cutting your finger!!

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  6. Eeps how did you manage that?! Hope you had a lovely week off :) xx

  7. thank you:) I am writing here, I dont know if you have the mail notification of new comments.
    year began well, but now it is bad. usually do not complain, but everyone has bad days sometimes .. Lack of money and I am far away from family. Always I miss somebody. I should be now on the bus, but the bus was late and I'm going tomorrow. I deeply regret that my friends are not like you. (I think about style and what you like. I have the same taste. I think ;))
    Paper pom pom are easy to do. I love the pale pink rose ball suspended from a ribbon, instead of a bouquet at a wedding.
    For the sister I did curtain, rose ball and release chinese lanterns in the shape of a heart at night. Looks pretty. You are a style icon. I wonder what are your ideas for the wedding. Maybe a once useful to me;) If you get bored, you have my email.
    I will be honored and delighted , but not forcing. XXx

  8. What a lovely post! I like the idea of the teapots for the wedding-very very much! I hope your finger gets better too

    I tagged you with a blog award in my recent post :)

    xx Carina

  9. How beautiful! Your photos are lovely, I especially love the tea pot, it would be perfect for a high tea party!
    xo Maria
    P.S: I gave you an award on my blog :)

  10. Looks like you had a lovely and creative week. I adore the glittery pegs!

  11. Every day I make a little effort to be creative, if I go too long without creativity I get withdrawals! :) Ouch, sorry to hear about your finger, I hope it heals quickly! I love beautifully decorated tea-sets - I have a bit of a collection of them here, and I still have my old miniature tea set somewhere.

  12. i've been wanting to do something creative and diy-esque but haven't really gotten down to figuring what i wanna do. yikes! but those pegs are really sweet. :) receiving packages are super fun, but sending them off at the post office is even better!

    and that's one lovely photos of you at the end of the post, charlotte! your week sounds really exciting - have a good one! xx

    p/s: followed you on twitter!

  13. I love your watch, I have it in white. :)


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