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last weekend, i popped onto the train to a little village to visit papa bear and his lady. it took 55 minutes, and there were delays due to the snow. but i finally got there. it was so lovely. and so peaceful. i must remember to take more photographs whilst i am there. especially as spring is here soon, it will be so nice.
the train journey was nice, as most people were not really wanting to go out in the cold and snow. so i had my little bag of cashew nuts, company magazine, and the plan to paint my nails, to keep me company.
when i got home, i had this to greet me... a delightful blueberry cake from sebastian's dear mother. it really got me wanting more. so i think i may have to find a lovely recipe. 
maybe i will make one for our engagement party- which i am yet to plan! oops.
st. valentine's day! such a lovely day to celebrate. sebastian had made me promise not to get him anything... just a card, which we always make eachother. but, then i woke to these beautiful orangey coral roses!! how lovely are these?! 
..i also had a little packet to open too. he had spray painted around a heart onto some brown paper to wrap it in. ~i love his efforts, so much thought goes into everything he does.
inside was a delightful bar of chocolate. a prettily wrapped posh bar of chocolate. a tasty one at that! i, obviously, felt awful about this, luckily i had made him some tokens to use at his leisure. just a little bit of fun. i also bought him lots of sweets after work and quickly wrapped them up for him. i really did feel bad. but he enjoyed them. and the tokens!
his card that he made me was lovely, (above). the card below is the one i made for him. he said it was the best i had ever made him. it did take me quite a while.
in the evening, after work, we just settled down with some macaroni cheese and a film with popcorn and snuggles. it was simple and relaxed, but so lovely.

did you all have a beautiful valentine's day? i hope that you did.
on thursday, i had a well-deserved day off and my beautiful friend mandy came down from brighton to visit. it was so good to see her. mandy, nicola and i all got together and went on one of our infamous adventures. i love it when the triangle trio are back together. it feels weird sometimes without mandy. but so much fun when she visits. 
we went to canterbury and bought things and ate at wagamama's. we drank green tea. ate good food. and laughed alot. we then went and had a little look at some wedding dresses. was a little daunting. i was too scared to try anything on.
we came back home and went into town for a quick drink to give mandy her birthday gifts. nicola had given her a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts that she got all giggly about. it was so sweet. i miss us three all together.
we had some cake and i had pink milk.
thank you for all your lovely comments and good lucks for the interview. it went well, but i have a few more applications and interviews coming up, which are very different, so hopefully i should have a new job soon.
also, i mentioned i wanted to study a PGCE, i am thinking now maybe a GTP, which means i can have training in the school, whilst i get paid. so i think i might do that instead. perhaps. 
oh, and it is to study primary. i would very much enjoy this. all the exciting lessons i could teach and lots of painting and reading and practical works. ee. exciting. if anyone has any advice to offer, i would be extremely grateful.


  1. Awh such lovely photos! The valentine's cards are so sweet :)

  2. The valentine's card you made is fantastic, looks amazing and much much much better than those ones you can buy in the shops (: I also love those coral roses, so very different and so very pretty!x

  3. such a gorgeous post, beautiful photos! xxx

  4. I did my PGCE last year. I don't feel like I got enough experience at all and still haven't got a teaching job so I'd say a GTP is probably the best option. Get as much work experience as possible before you apply for your course - anything like volunteering one day a week in your local primary or if you can get a job as a teaching assistant (level 1 or 2) would be brilliant. I'll be applying for a job at a local playscheme which is organised through the council for the summer ( - if you have something similar you could do the same! Not sure where you're from but search on google for "summer play scheme" and your council. Email me if you want any more help! x

  5. hey Im a primary teacher and in my 4th year now. I did a PGCE and the best advice I can give is get LOTS of experience in schools!! Try and get a job as a teaching assistant as the more experience you get the more likely you are to get on a course. If not volunteer to work one day a week. This is an absolute must!!! hope it goes well for you x

  6. I'm glad you had a wonderfull V-day :)
    I like those card so much :D
    And please get the recipe of that cake and share it with us..I like it so much! I love blueberries :D

  7. what wonderful adventures charlotte! you know, that cover photo for the company magazine is the same as one of my nylon magazines a couple of years ago i think...interesting.
    i love the cath kidston case ;) i am still thinking of ordering something from her webshop...!
    the valentine's card that you made is a m a z i n g !!! very impressive :)
    excited to see/hear more about wedding/engagement party plans!

  8. I've applied for Primary PGCE and have an interview in a couple of weeks. Like other people have said the main thing they are looking for is experience (if you don't have any you prob wont even get to interview stage) :)

  9. Such beautiful photos! I love the card too! You guys are super perfect.x

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely Valentines. Those roses are beautiful. I was a bitter, loner on valentines. I pretended I didn't know what day it was. Benjamin did phone me though and said he would treat me to something when he gets home :) Advice on teaching - the main thing I would say is do it for the right reasons and you certainly sound like it is something you really want to do. I think you will be amazing at it :) Get some experience. I wrote letters to schools and they were very quick to get back to me and offer me work experience. Perhaps start with a job as a teaching assistant?

    And try on some wedding dresses!!! I went to a wedding fair the other weekend and I'm not even engaged :P xx

  11. love the black and white passport photos!!!

    i must get company - i love zooey! xx

  12. It's been several months since I'm following your blog.
    I must say I love it! You stay fresh, simple and so interesting!
    I always find lots of inspiration when I read your blog and I love your clothes, your jewelry, your life!
    I do not know if this is the right place to ask for this, but I was wondering if we could correspond through letters? I find it amusing!(I'm so embarrassed to ask this!)

  13. I'm glad you had a good Valentine's Day. Your alls gifts to each other were too cute :)
    Hope you're doing well!


  14. Those Roses are you beautiful! I love your sweet silly photos! I need to do that haha!

    Hope your interviews & things go well. Good luck but I'm sure you wont need it <3


  15. you should definitely take photos of the village!
    your valentine's day sounds great :)

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