Audrey Grace Pop-up Boutique

i have some very exciting news. the beautiful Jaclyn from Audrey Grace Boutique invited me to collaborate with her for her new Pop-up Boutique in NYC. She wanted some pieces of jewellery from TTDER and other handmade goodness to sell. here are some pieces i made for her.
some pegs that i will definitely be making more of for the TTDER etsy shop. i made loads, and more for myself.the perfect little gift i think.
i made some classic TTDER pieces, and some new things. Jaclyn wanted some glass jar necklaces filled with glitter and pretty little things. i found these cute teeny pompoms i had bought ages ago.
i love this. these designs are quite fun and i hope Jaclyn's customers love them.
if you live in New York, or near, please go and visit her pretty little Pop-up Boutique that opens on the 23rd March until the 28th. not only will you find some TTDER pieces but you will find some beautiful vintage designer dresses, some enchanting illustrations and other pretty little things.
until then, here is her stunning video...


  1. This is such wonderful news for you!! Your pieces look lovely, I think I need some of the pegs!<3 xx

  2. I love all your handmade things, so pretty!

  3. I am very envious of all these lovely pieces of handmade goodies! I wish i lived near NY :/ I absolutely adore your style, the jewellery and pegs you made are so very pretty.

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  5. Congratulations! Your little shop is so cute! <3 <3

    Ohh also no worries about the GTP essay i wrote you haha! If you need any more advice ask away and i'll ask our head :D I think plenty of experience is the best advice though. Special school's are always really grateful for any help (just be careful as you may have to put up with being bitten/scratched/your hair being tugged all the time haha O_O)

    Eeeeppp well let me know how it all goes! Are you applying in September? xxx

  6. These are just darling <3 so precious! xx

  7. Oh my gosh! That is so exciting! They just collaborated with two very dear friends of mine! I will definitely be there on Friday. :)


  8. Wow how cool! I'm heading to NY later this year so I'll be sure to check it out x

  9. Umm wow! What I would do to have pop up stores around me!

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  10. this is soooo e x c i t i n g !!! nicola told me about this. congratulations charlotte!!


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