who goes there?

i have been away, being a busy bee. more information to follow.
other things i have been away doing... hopping on the train to visit papa bear and his lady and their dogs. AND... my gramps was there too! i have not seen my gramps in very nearly six years. my nan and gramps live in scotland and i used to visit every summer when i was little, then i grew up, and my ma'ma and papa bear grew apart.
anyway, it was so lovely to see him. the prince and i are going up to visit them both in the summertime.
i have been on a little spending spree also. bought myself some lovely things. and a future TTDER baby these adorable penguin shoesies. --NO i am not going to be a mummy... yet. but these were too cute not to buy!!
i have also been busy with interviews and HANDING IN MY NOTICE AT WORK!!
i have a new job! finally.
i am so relieved to be able to get out of my current job. it is such a drag and mind-numbingly boring. ...and some of the people i work with... ! euch!
i also have been busy in my craft room, making things. as i said earlier... news to follow. i shall leave you some comments back soon. and i mean soon.
goodnight lovelies.


  1. I love your phone cover! Congrats on your new job :) x


  2. congratulations on your new job, what are you doing now? Very happy for you :) Love all your little crafty bits and pieces, intrigued to find out more! xx

  3. oh my, the sweetest ever penguin shoes! I'm so glad you got a new job. I hope (I'm sure) it will be a hundred times better than your last one. xxx

  4. Aw yay, congratulations on the new job :) and I love that you're buying little fairy clothes already :) now that is preparation for you. They were definitely too cute to pass by though xx

  5. Well done with the new job- I know the feeling when work becomes a real drag! What will you be doing in your new job? How cute are those penguin shoes-adorable! I look forward to your next post x

  6. Such pretty photos as always x

  7. Yay a new job!! I hope you absolutely love it :)
    I love your hat and I love that pop of gold in the pile of new things.

    I am so excited about the fall. I will let you know when I get more details but we absolutely 100% HAVE have have to meet, ohmygosh it makes me so excited even to think about.

  8. I always love your posts, they're darling ♥ Hooray for the new job! Pink lemonade all round! Glittering in the craft room looks amazing- I am in LOVE with the little penguin shoes! ♥ ♥ ♥

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  10. congratulations on your new job! x

  11. I love your floral phone case and that rabbit keyring thing in the corner of the last photo :3


  12. Congrats on the new job! How lovely. I haven't seen my gramps in a long time either, but this post dearly made me miss him. How sweet that you get to spend some precious time with yours!

  13. Congrats on the new job! How lovely. I haven't seen my gramps in a long time either, but this post dearly made me miss him. How sweet that you get to spend some precious time with yours!

  14. Congratulations on the new job, Charlotte! That's wonderful news :)
    The tiny penguin shoes are ever so adorable, baby TTDIR will look lovely in them!
    Loving you blog as always,
    Ellie <3 xxx

  15. Well done on the new job! That's terrific! Wowzaas it must have been dreamy seeing your grandpops after all that time O_O

    I'm sure you know all this already, but i was asking at the primary school i work at (as a TA) about the GTP scheme as we have a few students doing it :) According to my head it's an extremely competitive scheme so make sure you get as MUCH experience as you can with a variety of primary schools (such as schools in more impoverished areas etc) also it may be worth volunteering with a special school or an SEN unit within a school. I work in a special school for part of the week and it's such a rewarding place to be and it may be benifical for you to see expected development vs underdeveloped kids :) I had to get tonnes of experience for my Speech and Language Therapy course but it was definetly worth it!

    Phewwww sorry for the essay! I hope it helps though, the girl i was talking to who is on the GTP scheme really loves it! Let me know if you want me to ask anything else?! xxxxxx

  16. the penguin shoesies are so cute!!!!! love them so much!

  17. Oh Scotland! I always wanted to visit there. I don't know why but it seems like wonderful place. And i can imagine how happy your grandparents were to see you^^
    I'm very glad to hear you're finally saved from your old work that bored your soul. Good luck with your new one and have lots of fun dear<3


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