april adventures

april was a nice a little adventure for me. an excuse for my absence? maybe. 
april filled me with such delights. easter goodness. birthday surprises. new jobs. old friends. a london premiere to see the new Zac Efron film- the lucky one. meeting a blogger. painting plates. receiving flowers. love. wedding plans. macarons. good foods. watching made in chelsea. blossom on the trees.
some little pictures from my birthday. lots of pretty gifts. marc jacobs-eau so fresh perfume. converse shoes. polaroid camera and film. jewellery. zara skirt. cups. rob ryan artwork...on a plate. nail polish. monies. lana del rey. soko. films. sweets. chocolate. cake. books. spoilt rotten.
more little adventures to follow my lovelies. and some exciting things to share with you. forever love.


  1. It's so lovely to be spoilt once in a while :-) What gorgeous gifts!!

    Jem xXx

  2. Pretty pretty pretty!! Your birthday treats look lovely, and I LOVE that black sparkly ring!! And thank you for your message charlotta. I was a little nervous writing a review-y type post! BIG hugs x x x

  3. such wonderful gifts - there are so many things i love! sounds like April treated you well :)

  4. two tone converse! i love them!
    such beautiful pictures.

  5. I'm glad you've had a lovely April. And I am tres jealous of your birthday gifts. Especially the Converse :D hopw life is treating you kindly. Much love xxx

  6. happy latebirthday!!! ^^
    I like you gifts!!!

  7. Great little snapshots, I love that ring you have on in the second pic.

    Stay in the Lines

  8. I love Rob Ryan stuff. It's all really lovely.

    Daisy perfume smells soo good!


*Forever Love*