weekends of leisure

hello beautiful beings. my days have been spent browsing blogs and seeking inspiration for a certain wedding i am having in the distant future. i am feeling pretty inspired. 
the prince and i are viewing our desired venue on sunday afternoon. i cannot be more excited!
sebastian and i recently went to one of our school friend's wedding, and this is what i wore. my mermaid hair looking not so sugary, and more dusky grey-- i quite like. though now, it is more yellow than anything else.*sad face*
my happier face appeared though when some more lilac popped itself through the post. along with my mini e.l.f haul. finally got me some nice brushes. my face appreciates this gift.
this weekend caused me so much tummy ache. sweet.overload. sunday i had to eat nothing to make up for the huge amount i consumed saturday. so i had cereal for lunch, with sprinkles. probably not a good idea. but was so nice. and pretty. and healthier than handfuls of crisps.
today my little JD came for tea and biscuits and we discussed potential craft fairs and things to make, and my brain went in overdrive. i have nearly completed a book full of drawings and notes of my ideas. i needed this little push and motivation to get me going. i think i will have an evening or two of making jewellery this week.
 crystal cloud nails.


  1. Oh, I always get so excited to see a new blog post from you! Your hair looks magical, and I hope you find a magical wedding venue to match :) xxx

  2. Ohhhhh I put sprinkles on everything but I'd never thought of them on Rice Crispies . . . excellent thought!

    Jem xXx

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  5. sprinkles on rice crispies!!! that's such an amazing idea! your hair look looovely :) as do your nails! xx

  6. I forgot to ask, you know this test? :) "'Which Austen Heroine are You?" Funny, but works

    Elinor Dashwood greets! :)

  7. You look so beautiful! I love your hair!

    Your little note book is so cute.

  8. hi pretty!!
    I will marry the next month and I am excited too!!
    I like your nails!!

  9. Your hair looks so lovely like that. That's always my go-to style for weddings and posh parties. :)
    I just got engaged too so my head is running away with me, full of ideas of beautiful dresses.
    I'd love to know how you've gone about sorting all the wedding festivities. I don't really know where to start tbh.
    Han. xx

  10. oh your hair looks so pretty <3 how exciting, I hope the wedding venue is everything you hoped it would be! x x

  11. i love your doodles! and i think i need to start putting sprinkles in my cereal :) xo

  12. So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X

  13. Aw sprinkles on cereal! Such a sweet concept! Great way to start the day with some colour :3 xx


  14. I used to get sad when my hair faded after dying it various colours of the rainbow, but I definitely think lilac is one of the prettiest colours for hair. That nail varnish is lovely, btw, it looks like Topshop has a great selection of shades in ~ does the varnish stay on well?

  15. I just came across your blog and i think it's amazing.. keep it up!
    lots of love


*Forever Love*