Barcelona part iii

so this it... the last of them. how i miss it. and how far away it feels! 
the moment i went back to work it seemed like it hadn't happened. but looking through these again, cheers me up. i really would love to go back and explore some more. there are so many places that alix and i should have gone to. another trip is required!
food. mm, one of my favourite things... i shall miss the delightfully wrapped up fries and crispy calamari and the burgers laced with cheese. the wonderfully tasty cocktails- cosmopolitan and new favourite mojito. ofcourse the floral shaped ice-creams. will miss these far too much. though i think i can find a replacement for these. ssh.
everything was too pretty. i would most definitely recommend this a city to explore. though plenty of research beforehand so you get to find those secret little places that i did not quite get to. like the diner and such like.
sugary candy coloured hair. when the lavender faded, it turned into a pretty pastel pink... which i adored! i wish for this always, but ofcourse... work permits! sad face.
bringing back gifts for my prince, i was pretty limited... but these super dusted marshmallows and kinder eggs went down a treat! success.


  1. Oh I do love Barcelona, I must must go back soon, and discover the little hidden streets.. I've never had ice cream shaped like a flower before, it looks beautiful xxx

  2. such a cute little blog, i'm so glad i found you!

    lindsey louise

  3. Hi hi hi,

    You definitely have to come back... and when you do, I will send you a bullet point list! Tee hee... my friends moved here recently and so I made them a poster to stick on their fridge with a list of things to do... they are slowly ticking them off.

    Hope all is well in the UK, love from sunny Barcelona, xxx

  4. Once again those Ice creams are fab! I would love to wander there! xx

  5. barcelona looks wonderful! and that floral-shaped ice cream looks really, really delish!

    i know how that feels - when you've gone on a lovely trip, and come back home, it really feels as if you had not gone anywhere. but you've got all these amazing pictures to remind you of the great times, and you feel like going back on a sweet getaway again.

    envious of your pastel colored hair. unfortunately i've got really dark brown hair, and it's really difficult to get such soft colors out without damaging my hair. :\

    hope you have a lovely day, c! x

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  8. i've always wanted to visit barcelona and your posts make me want to visit there more! this is something i'll have to subtley bring up with the hubby....hopefully holiday next year :)

    and i love the hair, too bad you couldn't keep it

  9. Such a lovely blog!

    I brought kinder eggs back for my boyfriend from Spain, it was strange because they're so different to English ones haha. :)


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