september by the seaside

this weekend has been lovely. i went on a little trip to Hythe with the prince. we pottered around the little town, had tea and ice cream, walked along the seafront and finished the day with some fish and chips. it was lovely.
it was the start of Autumn for me. so breezy and snug in my jacket. 
i then finished my weekend with taking lots of photographs of my clothes to sell on Ebay this week. followed by a dinner and cinema date with my childhood best friend and my god daughter. it was so lovely.

i have been a bit distant of late.. due to me feeling a little fed up and demotivated of everything. i need some inspiration and little things to plan to make everything better.
anyway, Ebay items to be up soon and some review posts. lots of love, tea, and cake.


  1. pretty pictures, i love the seaside!
    have a nice week :)

  2. Oh Charlotte - I know that horrible feeling of being totally demotivated and feeling a little lacklustre! It's difficult to find your way back to being on the ball, do the things you love, see the people you love and make plans to achieve small goals! It'll sort itself out :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Ah, I've not been to Hythe in years! Need to go back there, for sure! Where is your favourite place by the sea?

  4. I get the the feeling of being totally demotivated too. I wish I could escape to the sea for a weekend or the English countryside :) lOVE those houses and your tea always looks so delicious! Breakfast blend with milk? xx

  5. Hythe looks lovely, I love a wee British town by the sea! Keep your chin up, I always find this time of year a wee bit of a downer anyway as it's the end of the summer and I dread those long nights and short days. Still there is always tea and cake to keep us going :-)

  6. Aww my dear, we all have moments like that where we feel distant and listless... just enjoy the things you love and that happy feeling will slowly return... I'm back in the UK next week in the Kent area... we can always go on an autumn walk and get inspired! :) xxx

  7. hi!
    your blog is really lovely!
    I can really understand your demotivation..I am quite demotivated too about some stuff..but, first or then, things are going to change!!:)
    hope you'll have good times!
    Prism :)

  8. I adore your blog so much :) I hope you do feel better.

    p.s. the tea and biscuits look delicious <3

  9. the seaside & cinema date sounds so perfect! glad you had a lovely weekend darling! big hugs darling! <3 x x

  10. Lovely pictures Lottie! Hope you find your inspiration for living soon. It happens to me a lot too. A cup of tea always helps :) Stay happy! xx

    Renee x

  11. I think it's the time of year that makes people a little demotivated :( - although I seem to be the complete opposite way around! I'm finally getting over my demotivation, I think you will too soon :) . . . It looks like a lovely day, I love walking by the sea in the autumn, when its really chilly!
    besos x


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