Organic Surge

My latest saving grace: Organic Surge, daily care face wash. This wonderfully rose scented liquid goes on so smoothly and makes my rosy face so smooth. One small pump of this goes so far once lathered up into teeny bubbles, and takes effect instantly.
My favourite thing about this product is that it is a natural and organic face wash, which is for sensitive skin types. The essential oils are 100% natural, Animal-friendly and untouched by harsh chemicals.
My other favourite thing about this lovely face wash is that it smells like Turkish Delight... which I love! It is in fact the Organic Rose Geranium essential oils that smell so perfectly sweet enough to eat. It is such a pretty smell.
This product promises to restore your skin's natural balance, and improve sluggish complexion. So if you are in need of a natural sweet scented and purely organic product that makes your skin feel super smooth and extra soft... this is the one for you! And at only £5'19 this luxury is a treat! Organic Surge have other  products that I need to get my hands on. This Lavender Bath Foam, This Sweet sounding Sugared Almond Shower Gel and This Moisturiser; the perfect partner for the face wash.

*Photography by Sebastian Turton at Loki Imaging*


  1. What a bargain, looks great x

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