Christmas 2012

Christmas has been so lovely. I have had a perfect time. Morning was spent at the house with Sebastian, where we woke up super early and opened our gifts and sipped some Bucks Fizz. I then went to Ma'ma 's cottage where I got a little too excited dancing around to Christmas songs with my little nephews.
Sebastian joined us for dinner. Our tummies were super filled. We then opened all the beautiful gifts under the tree, played some games and went to bed.
On Boxing Day morning, Papa Bear came to pick Sebastian, Captain Barnaby Whiskers and I up to take us to his cottage in the country. It was super relaxing and perfect.
Sebastian's stocking goodies
My little stocking surprises
Ma'ma 's Christmas Tree
The only picture taken of me over Christmas, and I look ridiculous! Sebastian's new obsession- balloon animals. A new venture of him perhaps? Clown skills. Children's parties.
Papa Bear's Christmas Tree...
... and fancy blue/green/purple/red flames on the cosy open fire. If only we had marshmallows, and chestnuts.
I had a wonderful time at Papa and L's cottage, Eating delicious foods, drinking delightful drinks, opening special gifts, having puppy cuddles, watching Christmas TV. I really wish to go back there. I really do.
I hope you all had wonderful Christmas times, full of cheer and fun and family and food. 


  1. Oh it all looks so perfect! Hope you both had a perfect day haha xx

  2. it looks like you had a lovely christmas! <3

  3. Lovely pics and looks like you had a gorgeous Christmas :)

  4. Isn't Toblerone the best stocking gift? I'm happily wading my way though a mountain of chocolate to get to it, haha.

    Le Fresne x


*Forever Love*