EIGHT little days

Lovely Christmassy elves, There are only EIGHT short days until the big day! I really am not organised enough. I also have a couple of gifts left to buy... pay day Friday- hurry! How are you lovelies doing with your Christmas preparations? I still have not totally made my mind up where I am spending the big day... Ma'ma 's or Papa Bear's. Eek. Send help!
I have been filling my days with Christmas frosty fondant fancies. tea. wrapping gifts. making lists... checking them twice. mince pies. advent chocolates. advent tea lights. miracle on 34th street. early mornings with viewings of the pretty pastel skies and fluffy candyfloss clouds. buying my Christmas tree. decorating my Christmas tree. painting my nails berry red. Christmas tea and Christmas baths. hard decisions. Captain Barnaby Whiskers cuddles. snowman pegs. broken baubles. new baubles. Wham! Last Christmas on repeat. Christmas-red lips. doggy doodles. writings. cuddles. wishes. love. tears. daydreams. 


  1. aw yay not too long to go now <3 sounds like you are filling your days with all sorts of lovely Christmassy things! xxx

  2. Your days sound filled with beautiful things :) As to where you should go for the big day, I have no answers just go where you feel your heart is drawing you.

  3. What a tough decision! Is there a way you might visit both for a time? (Though I know this might make things more hectic/complicated.) x

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  5. how cute are this pictures!!! :)


*Forever Love*