Note to Self: New Year thoughts

C.S. Lewis

Happy New Year little ones. 2012 was not really the year for me, but I will most definitely make sure that 2013 is! Have wonderful celebrations and much happier years all round. Love, Glasses of Pink bubbles, Sparklers and fireworks, Happy faces, and Auld Lang Syne 's.


  1. Me neither lovely. Here's hoping 2013 is fabulous!!!

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  2. My 2012 was pretty crummy too. Here's to 2013 being a major improvement!

  3. 2012 was a bit of a challenge for me too. However, I have a wonderful feeling about 2013. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  4. Yeah seems 2012 was a rotten year for us all. In fact almost everyone I know has the same feelings. It was crappy, but then I think about Hurricane Sandy, and Sandy Hook and it reminds me of how lucky I am that I have my family and friends here safe and sound. I've had some issues with my health, but working on those issues. And at the same time we're all still here and the world is still spinning. It was a crappy year, no doubt though. Let's hope 2013 is better!


  5. hoping that 2013 will be my year too.. all the best for you!! xx


*Forever Love*