Tea Review: Tea India

When I was asked to do a little review and blog post on the brand Tea India, I thought 'Finally, something I know what I'm talking about!' Tea!!

"Combining unique flavours, local tastes, and family traditions, chai transcends beyond tea. Rather, it is a tradition-an experience-and a testament to India's vast cultural plurality"

For a brief, interesting history on this brand, visit here.
Masala Chai:
Opening the box, and out pours the strong aroma of... Christmas! Cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, The spices that are in it just create such a Christmassy smell. I love it.
The Cinnamon scent is HUGE! It actually tastes extremely Cinnamon-ny too! That and the other elements, remind me of reindeer-shaped mixed spiced biscuits. Delicious. 
There is also a slight Aniseed taste, which is the Star Anise pouring it's unique flavours around. 
All these flavours mixed together create such a surprising taste, I am actually in love with this Tea. I will definitely be having cups of this around Christmas time. I also must add that the Prince likes it too, and he will only ever drink PG Tips! "I'll drink that, can I have my own cup?" Impressive!

ps. I added a sprinkle of sugar after my first cup, just to try it out, and it is just a sweeter version. So I do recommend!
Black Tea:
Or as I call it, 'Posh Tea'... Mm. It is so lovely! I am a strong-tea drinker, but with no milk added I actually cannot stand strong black tea... so I squeezed the bag halfheartedly. This tea is a smooth flavour, and is 100% Black Tea, so no fancy elements to this one. Simple and so nice.
I then added a splash of milk to try a different taste, and it too was so delightful. I am quite fussy when it comes to 'a nice cup of tea'. I am happy with a good breakfast tea and our Tea tin is always full with PG Tips. But this, well, let's just say I am now having an affair with Tea India's Black Tea. The Prince is as well!
a splash of milk is added...
Conclusion: Tea India is delightfully delicious and just so gosh darn tasty! Also, The packaging is just so simple and pretty with each flavour having different brightly coloured hues. 
Other flavours in the range is the creamy Vanilla Chai which sounds just perfect.. my next tea party is most definitely going to have this one included! And the invigorating Cardamom Chai which sounds quite intriguing. Yum. Go invite yourself to a Tea Party with these pretties.


  1. Tea India - I've been meaning to give their tea a whirl for a while and it is interesting to read such great things about their Chai as I'm a Chai obsessive and find chai bags can be really hit or miss!! I'd be so intrigued to try the Vanilla Chai and the Cardamom Chai!

    Jem xXx

    P.S Your teacups are beautiful!

  2. Oooooo vanilla chai sounds lovely!! I've never heard of Tea India but I will be sure to give them a try now :)

    Jen ¦ sunny sweet pea xx

  3. Tea India sounds really good...but vanilla flavored teas are my favorite. I have a vanilla caramel tea at home, and it's absolutely delish.


  4. They both sound delicious!!
    Oh, and I love your gorgeous teacups!
    x x x

  5. mmm the tea looks really good <3 I love all the detailed notes you've taken. I love good strong tea. Vanilla chai sounds lovely! xxx

  6. Masala Chai is my favorite tea drink! When I was feeling unwell and sad, my friend cook it for me with fresh herb ingredients! It was delicious! xx

  7. Love the pictures. I tried and failed to find a good Christmas tea last month. A bit late now, but there's always next year!

  8. I've just discovered TeaIndia and Vanilla Chai - I have died and gone to heaven! It is wonderful :)

  9. the Masala Tea is my absolute favorite! i LOVE it! mmmm it's probably the best tea i've ever tasted. i like to put sugar in it too -- it just brings out more flavor. my friend and i had a tea party under the stars with some cookies and Masala Tea by Tea India and it was PERFECT :) xo

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