Hello January

For Christmas I received this beautiful Zara bag. I am officially in love. 
I feel the need to hold on the the wintery months. So I am not going to be opening my purse to any s/s13 items just yet. I am also having major Post-Christmas blues, what with the hideously sore throat and lack of Christmas songs.
January and February is for snow and buying beautiful checked shirts, dark metallic nails and simple knits. 


  1. Love the shirt and the jumper! The colours of the shirt are beautiful! xxx

  2. I very much agree, the shirt looks lovely and the bag, what a beautiful thing! <3 Happy New Year though!xxx

  3. Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true...

  4. awww no fun having a sore throat! i have one too : (
    i hope your new year was lovely, charlotte. miss you! especially right now, because just about a year ago, i was there with you! take care : ) cheers!

  5. Waaahhhh Charlotte. You've basically hit my emotional nail on the head. I am SO missing Christmas. Yet excited about 2013. Totally torn. Over-emotional too. *Cries and wonders why*

    Jem xXx

  6. Lovely picks


  7. I definitely had a few days of post Christmas blues! Eurgh. Hope your feeling cheerier soon!

    Beautiful little wishlist. I have been wanting a new checked shirt since I saw the one in Monki when we were there! I have been borrowing David's one that is similar, but a little big, hehe!

    Love & hugs xx

  8. love the knit jumper!

    Rebecca x

  9. oh i was just writing about my post christmas blues! isnt it awful! i literally felt it right after boxing day dinner, I almost felt like crying.


*Forever Love*