Just lately

My little brain has been in over drive lately. I have been keeping it full with creative things and a huge dose of inspiration. I have big plans for the blog, for the shop, and for my future. 
I have been reading old sketchbooks and I miss being so creative. I am most definitely going to arrange some art time, often. 
Other than creative thoughts, I have attended a friend's wedding (it was/she looked absolutely beautiful!). I have been making lists. I have indulged in macarons from Paris. I have painted my nails a shade of pink with a sparkle half moon.
I have started to makes things again for TTDER. I have been looking through old blog posts and getting emotional. I have watched old films alone.
I have been keeping cosy and warm whilst the snow falls. I have planned a week of lovely things to do with Ma'ma. I have nibbled on Chocolate spread with popping candy on toast and sipped pink milk.
I have missed the prince, he has gone away to Miami/Bahamas with his Pa. I have been having lonely alone times and good, productive alone times. I am currently snuggled up in bed with SATC 2 and hoping the snow stops for tomorrow.
Goodnight lovely ones.


  1. So many beautiful things.
    I'm looking forward to hearing about your exciting plans!

  2. such lovely photos. those macaroons look so tasty, and that tea cup is so pretty.

  3. Your nails look so pretty. Sounds like you have been busy and very happy!x

  4. (and the pink millshake too ^_^)


  5. every photo is like a dream, pink days of happiness and smiles <3 x x

  6. yay glad you've been feeling more inspired and creative recently <3 <3 your nails look lovely, I need to buy some of those sticker things and have a go myself! xxx

  7. Can't wait to see your big plans! xx

  8. your nails look so pretty.

    i am now going to watch SATC2 in bed

  9. i love your nails and look forward to seeing what you have for your little store!

  10. beautiful photos- i absolutely love the nails! xx

  11. what a wonderful nail idea, and these photos are divine <3

  12. Your nails look magical and wintry! I would also love to take a bit of that chocolate spread on toast...

    le fresne

  13. This was such a dreamy post, probably because of your burst of ambition and wanting to get started on goals and stuff. I got a little inspired here :)

    I wanted to check out your store but I guess you're still setting things up, i can't wait to see what you have! And AWESOME nails, i like the sparkle. And macaroons- i don't even have to mention i like the macaroons ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  14. i love your manicure! i need to try that, they look sooooo good



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