A little homesickness

Lately I have been a little busy bee and travelling around a little. Last week I stayed at Mother's and this week feels like it has lasted a month.

Staying at mother's really felt nice. I guess I didn't realise how much I missed home. The constant supply of fresh food. Country Living magazine on tap. Copious amounts of Tea. Snuggles with nephew Tyler. Kitty kisses. The countryside.  Fresh eggs.
Sigh. I miss it so much. 
Though, there are good things to come back to my house for. My pretty little craft room with a wall of inspiration and fun-time pictures. Parisian Macarons. Captain Barnaby Whiskers snuffles. My own comfy bed. Alone time. Bed-time snuggles with the prince.
What are your home comforts? 


  1. Aw, home is definitely a comforting retreat. My comforts are fresh air and quiet. Also, I'm not sure if I could count it as a comfort but I love branflakes with ice cold milk. Mm!

    Have a nice weekend, dear :)

    le fresne

  2. My home comforts include being holed up in my study - it is the only entirely 'me' place in my house, I have all my pretty things around me and everything just feels calm in there. I also love it best when I have a steaming mug of tea and my best girl Daisy the tibetan terrier in there with me :)

  3. That inspiration wall looks so lovely! There's nothing like being at home... xx

  4. your wall of inspiration is so pretty Charlotte <3 <3 I always miss just being with my mum, us both having a tea and reading a book on the sofa together! xx

  5. There is nothing quite like home. I love your blog! Beautiful pictures, pretty words. A delightful combination! X

  6. Going home to my parents is always so refreshing. Good hearty food, delicious cups of tea, great conversations. I'm glad that I get to do it every week!
    Lovely pictures,

  7. Oh how delightful! Looks like a magical few days...


*Forever Love*