Tea Review: Love and Leaf

The wonderful Love and Leaf sent me some of their beautiful Tea to try and review for you lovely folks.
They contain only the finest quality teas and herbal infusions. There are four unusual flavours, Tick Tock Minty Choc, Toffee Apple Ahoy! This Is It Banana Split, and Petal Pink Lemonade. Each wonderfully unique flavour tea is wrapped up in a beautiful vintage-inspired packet, tied with a ribbon. A perfect little gift too- You can buy all four flavours or choose your two favourites.
This Is It Banana Split.
This delightful scented tea is beautiful. A banana tea... who would have thought it. It actually smells like a cup of banana's. Fantastic. I poured a splash of milk in and added a tiny sprinkle of sugar for a sweeter taste. This would be perfect teamed with a chocolate-coated biscuit to dunk. The Prince loves this one very much.
Petal Pink Lemonade.
Such a sweet name, and a super sweet aroma. This tea is the prettiest coloured tea I have ever seen. You can taste the pink lemonade, it is quite subtle, which I think is perfect. I will most definitely be attempting iced tea with this flavour in the summer. I think it would be just wonderful chilled. I shall update you when it gets warmer.


  1. Those teas look lovely, I have never imagined you could make banana or lemonade flavoured tea, I must try these! The packaging is lovely too. x

  2. these look so lovely.
    your review is fantastic.

  3. Oh wow I love the sound of the lemonade one! Might have to go shopping and add to my tea collection, thanks for this!

  4. Looks divine, the idea of chocolate tea sounds a bit..hmmm, but the pink lemonade one is a must for me!

    Adore the packaging too.

  5. ohhhh the pink lemonade one sounds lush!

  6. Petal pink lemonade sounds amazing. I'm rather jealous of all this tea you get to try :P

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  7. they both sound divine, I would love to be sent tea :D I also love it when the tea bags themselves are like little works of art <3 xxx

  8. These look lovely, I think I might have to try them. I like how the tea bags are silky material!
    Rosie ~~

  9. I love tea too!!! that cups is sooo lovely!!
    I hope that You had a nice Valentines day!!!

  10. The smell alone is enough to make you want to take a sip! I could just imagine the sweet aroma of the banana split and petal pink lemonade. I kinda envy you, Heather! Milk Oolong and Green Apple are two of my favorite flavors, but I just can't get enough of trying other flavors as well. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Kevin Walls @ Tea Life


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