Summery seaside town of Whitstable

The day after my birthday, my dear friend Suz picked me up in her car and we went to lovely Whitstable for the day. We picked Alix up at the station and went for a little wander around the Antique shops. We saw some beautiful treasures. Old trunks with a fresh lick of pastel paint, vintage school lockers, rusty wired baskets, wooden crates made into drawers. So many nice little shops and even better finds.
This long birthday weekend consisted on the best weather we have had all year. It was beautiful. And with visiting the seaside we obviously had to snack on chip-shop chips and an ice cream cone for afters. Mint choc chip is MY flavour by the way. I love the stuff. mm.
The streets are lined with beautiful boutiques and junk shops, filled with equally wonderful treasures. I could have walked up and down these streets a few times until I was satisfied. With a few purchases of course. Such lovely things, I imagined gardens with potted plants and kitchen shelves filled with unusual ceramics and jugs filled with fresh florals.
There were a couple of shops that were unfortunately closed... I think Monday is the new Sunday for seaside towns. 'Frank' being one of them. THE most beautiful stationery shop. Seriously! Rob Ryan sticky tape, fantastic notebooks, bakers twine, Gemma Correll cards, screen printed Whitstable postcards, badges... it is ridiculously desirable! I need to go back-- not on a Monday!
The weather was so lovely and it felt like a summery day at the beach with the breeze blowing my hair about giving it the beachy wave.
We had a wander down on the seafront admiring the perfect surroundings, the calm atmosphere, the fresh air, the sound of the seagulls and feeling pretty peaceful. We all decided that we should just buy a pretty house along the seafront and move in together, leaving the boys to just visit every now and then.
Though we concluded that buying a rundown beach hut on the cheap and painting it a lovely muted tone, putting some bunting up and getting the deckchairs out would suffice. Imagine the peaceful sunsets and watching the world go by, sipping iced drinks and reading books with a bbq on the go. Pure Bliss.
I have decided that being by the seaside is where I want to be. Or at least walking distance to it. As long as there is a pretty ice cream parlour near, like 'Sundae Sundae'.
There were so many gorgeous houses that we walked past, so many dreams and ideas came to me whilst I gawked at nearly every house I saw. So much beauty and symmetry- Have I told you about my ideal square house? You know those houses with four windows with a door bang in the middle? Alot like this one, minus the fence running down the middle.
I am not entirely sure why or where... but lately when I imagine my future home with my children running around in the garden... it is a square symmetrical one. Crazy, but now I really will be looking for it! 
Anyway, my lovely day out finished with a slice of my homemade Lemon cake made by lovely Alix and a sunny ride home talking about our futures. It was lovely. I think I am officially in love with the Seaside.


  1. Oh my gosh, these photos and accounts make me want to go to a seaside town in England even more than I already do! I can imagine living in such a beautiful place too...

    xx Carina

  2. All these pictures are so so lovely! Seems like you had a great time! xxx

  3. Such beautiful photos! Really love the little chairs outside the ice cream shop, so cute! Looks like the perfect weekend. :) x

  4. lovely photos. looks like a nice place.


  5. aww such lovely potos! looks like you had a lovely day. OMG that house is bloody perfect, I want i want!!

  6. Oh these photos are so pretty, and perfect! I love the chairs, that's an amazing idea! xx

    The Little's.

  7. I adore Whitstable! We used to go all the time when I was younger, and since the council commissioned all those new shops I couldn't wait to go back and see it- so much so that my parents booked a seafront cottage there at Christmas so our whole family could enjoy it! A beautiful place so full of lovely memories, I want to go back again in the summer!

  8. The sea is the best place in the world, no matter what sea it is. I've never stopped wanting to wake up to that tang of salty air every morning! :D Beautiful pictures, I expecially love the chairs, A B Sea :)

  9. Oh, this post made me smile so much! I'm from Canterbury, so when my friends and I decide we want to go to the beach/ seaside it is always Whitstable! I'm living in Los Angeles at the moment, so your photos brought back so many happy memories of last Summer (the ice cream from that shop is amazing, right?!) with my best friend and friends from London visiting; and has made me excited for the beginning of next Summer - thank you! My best friend actually sent me a bar of Samphire soap from The National Trust for my birthday as it smells like Whitstable!

  10. We 100% need or own pastel painted hut by the sea! <3

  11. that house is so pretty! I would love one, or a beach hut too, so pretty! Whitstable looks gorgeous, I've yet to go.. hopefully this Summer! xx

  12. Lovely lovely post lovely lovely Charlotte <3 And that picture with the rob ryan tape? to the left is a piece of julie arkells work! She is my absolute favourite artist!! I own a couple of pieces of hers & love her so much! And I also have the 'sometimes i think, sometimes i am' book that's in the picture too :) I think I definitely need to visit this shop! Perhaps a little sea side meet up is in order??

    I'm glad you had such a lovely time & you sound so happy. I am very very almost finished with your post now & will send it asap! Miss you. Hugs!


  13. this sounded so so so amazing. I'm going to ask my bf to take me on a walk tomorrow after our exams, right along the beach a 5 minute drive from us.

  14. Very pretty photos, it seems like a perfect day!:) I'm so much in love with antique shops too!:)

  15. I got married in Whistable. We're trying to move there from London but because of my husbands career we can't :( I love it there so much x


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