Twenty Six

Last week, I celebrated my Birthday. I had such a lovely time, and was actually excited! Usually I find celebrating everyone else's birthday more enjoyable. However, this year I was very happy and I had lots of little plans. It started off on the Saturday when Mother and sister Terri came to visit with my nephews. With a huge box in one hand and flowers in the other I was a happy lady.
Saving my gifts until the Sunday morning, I hugged Mother, sister and the boys goodbye, put my birthday roses in water and hopped on the train with Sebastian.
We had a wander along the cobbled streets of Canterbury, nibbling on chip-shop chips and sipping on milkshakes. With purchases of postcards, some black jeans and some pretty pink nail polish, we went for some dinner.
We went to a lovely restaurant called Wildwood where I ordered the biggest plate of Risotto I have ever seen. It was so tasty, with chicken, panchetta, peas, parmesan and mushrooms. After I had sipped all my Cosmopolitan and eaten as much as my stomach could handle we hopped back on the train home.
As soon as we got in we got into our pyjamas and climbed into bed. Put Napoleon Dynamite on and had Tea.
Sunday morning was here, and we got up super early, washed, dressed and whilst I was putting my face on Sebastian was downstairs preparing what seemed to be the best birthday table yet. Turning Twenty six seemed to be a pretty good thing so far.
The table was filled with my birthday roses, a huge pile of cards and lots of beautifully wrapped gifts. It also had a plate of iced buns and a cup of tea. Iced buns for breakfast... officially the new birthday cake! Yum.
I received such beautiful things. Plenty of kilner jars for spices and nail polishes and stationery and tape and monies and white mice and sunglasses and stamps and notebooks and maps and more white mice and books and films and straws and more. 
I was surprised at how much white mice I got. From three different people! Sebastian filled a whole kilner jar of them.. and pink ones and icecreams. He also filled a kilner jar with pic n mix and pinballs. Spoilt.
Mother bought me a beautiful globe. With pastel coloured countries. I have always wanted one, I always imagined having a little collection in the study or something. I have been a little addicted to maps and stamps and things lately, so this was the perfect gift! I also needed to brush up on my Geography knowledge. How big is Russia?!!
As well as the spice jars and jars filled with sweets, Sebastian bought me some amazing gifts. He made sure our families bought me things off the wishlist so he could surprise me with these lovelies. I love surprises. Alot. I love Sebastian. Alot. He really did spoil me. I am ever so grateful.
So after we gulped our teas and ate our buns, we ran into town for a birthday milkshake and hopped on another train to Sandwich. Where we were greeted by Papa.
We got to Papa's lovely cottage and gave hugs to L and little Dennis pup. Put the kettle on and danced to the radio... or I did anyway!
After I had a delightful lunch of Papa's 'strangled' eggs made from his chicken's fresh that morning, we chatted and I opened more gifts.
My Papa has always bought me sweets... always. It is like a tradition, so I unwrapped my first gift of FOUR different packets of Percy Pigs.. This seems to be a new tradition. When I was a little TTDER I used to collect pigs and I loved them loads. So naturally my Papa would buy me percy's!  I got some lovely gifts from Papa and L. I had such a wonderful time, I always do at Papa's. He lives in the middle of nowhere and it's so pretty and peaceful.
Mother nature gave me a wonderful gift... of Sunshine. It made it's first appearance all Spring. It was beautifully warm too! We went out for a walk and it was so lovely that I had to take my coat off. Bliss.
After a lovely walk with Dennis pup, we went back and Papa opened some Champagne. I am not really a lover of Champagne, but this was so tasty. We had a slice of chocolate cake, and played a game of Cluedo... which I won! I actually beat Papa! This never happens!
After my triumphant win, we had a delightful 'childhood' dinner of chicken burger and 'chups'.
We hopped back on the train home, listening to 'She & Him' whilst Sebastian dosed on my shoulder.
It had been the best day. Great weather, good food, delightful buns/cake, perfect company. Being Twenty six is actually kind of perfect. 
Now to spend everyday like this!
I received lots of lovely Birthday wishes on Twitter and Instagram and on my previous post... Thank you so much lovelies. You kept the smile on my face. Huge love for every one of you. Hugs.
On Monday, the day after, I had another birthday outing. With my lovely bestest Suz and the lovely Miss P. We headed to Whitstable... but that is another post!
Suz made me some delightful Pretzels that I saw on Pinterest and had craved ever since. And other pretty gifts, a jar and some peach striped straws.
And the lovely Alix bought me the brightest pink florals, made me a yummy Lemon cake, which I consumed quicker than a camera flash! And some 'practically perfect in everyway' sticky tape, which we spotted on my Margate trip. Love these guys.
My birthday turned out to be the best weekend in such a long time. I wore a smile for the longest time without washing it. I am happy. I am also very happy to be Twenty six. I always said I wanted to be married and have my first bubba before I am Thirty, which gives me four years to sort. Sebastian and I have been coming up with Wedding ideas and think we have the very best idea yet. So we must save like we've never saved before so we can plan and then begin our next chapter.
Scary, but so gosh darn exciting! I hope I will still be here on my little space of the internet, and I hope you will be too. Loads of Love and happy vibes.


  1. happy (belated) birthday! this sounds lovely and has given me some inspiration for my birthday celebrations!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! This is such a cute post and I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading. You got so many lovely presents and the globe is beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday :) What beautiful presents! I love the globe - I've always wanted one too!

  4. Happy Birthday! Good gracious I really think you had the best presents ever! That globe is stunning!

    Amber xo

  5. you sound like you had an absolutely lovely time :)!

  6. i was so looking forward to seeing what you got up to on your birthday. you look like you had such a wonderful time and have such thoughtful family and friends. I am VERY jealous of the percy pigs. they are my vice. my weakness. i am M&S's perfect customer as I'm lured in by a bag of percy pigs in the queue every time.

    glad you had a lovely time missy and can't wait to meet you very soon :)

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  7. Happy belated birthday! Your birthday looked wonderful - so many lovely things! Those pretzels look heavenly right now, as does all the other foodie goodness.

  8. Happy belated birthday fellow April babe, it's my 25th birthday tomorrow and I'm beyond excited! Sounds like you had the perfect birthday weekend, loving the iced buns and you new globe.


  9. This is such a beautiful post. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had the most fantastic birthday, and you really did get so spoiled! Lucky girl. :)

  10. How lovely! So glad you enjoyed your birthday :-)

  11. A big happy birthday to you, this looks like the most wonderful way to spend a long birthday weekend - you certainly crammed in a lot of birthday celebrations! Very envious of all your sweeties too, the perfect thing to nibble on when it's raining outside. xx

  12. Happiest birthday! Looks lovely x

  13. happy birthday! it looks like you had a magical day.

  14. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had an amazing day :-) I want all your sweets though they look yummy.

    The Shutterbug Blog

  15. Everything looks gorgeous! I hope my 26th is as good! I've just been watching all the gossip girl series haha! Hope you had a lovely day! & a happy belated birthday! xx

  16. it seemed like you had the best birthday!!

  17. Perfect! Sounds like the best birthday :)


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