Berlin: Day One

It has been a whole week since I was in Berlin with my lovely adventure buddy Alix. I miss it so much. Berlin is such a beautiful and trendy city and I was constantly thinking how 'cool' everyone was. The place is filled with bright coloured graffiti and well dressed hipsters.
After no sleep at all Tuesday evening, we got up ridiculously early, and ridiculously sleepy and went on our merry way to the Airport. We found a delightful milkshake stall where we purchased some yummy drinks and blueberry muffins to wake our zombie-like state. The run to the gate helped that too.

We arrived in pretty Berlin and after quickly working out the ticket system, we hopped on the underground to find our hotel. When we got to our stop, a Dunkin' Donuts greeted us with their delicious frosted treats. Obviously we had to top up our sugar levels and hungry selves.

We strolled to our hotel, with our heavy bags and full bladders, and such 'cool'ness welcomed us. We stayed at THIS wonderful place. An old vacuum factory converted into a hotel, with an 'outside-inside' feel. It had retro caravans or little wooden cabins to stay in, with some lovely touches, vintage globes, old books, record player, wafer dispenser, cloud-shaped cushions, twinkly fairy lights wrapped around indoor branches. 
It was just so amazing.

We slept in this little wooden cabin with Scandinavian print curtains and I definitely felt like I was on holiday.

After being in total awe of everything in the hotel and the courtyard with swinging chairs, hammocks and a bathtub filled with flowers, we decided to explore. 
On the way to the underground, we just kept finding lots of pretty and crazy graffiti. This city was turning into the most colourful places I've visited so far.
We made our way to Alexanderplatz, where we found the television tower amongst other beautiful buildings and gardens.

The farther we followed the road around, the closer we got to some of the famous tourist spots. The Neptunbrunnen, a wonderful fountain of the Roman god Neptune. It was so detailed and pretty, and the water was rather inviting after carrying our heavy bags (and eyes) around earlier that morning.
We walked a little further and came across some more beautiful architecture and Berlin cathedral. I think I stopped and stared at this beauty for too long. The details were so amazing. The gold elements were so shiny and bright against the green copper roof. After staring at the pictures even more, I really wished I'd gone inside. It would have been just stunning.
We then passed the Altes Museum and gardens. Without sounding boring and old-lady ish, I was pretty wow-ed by the impressive architecture here. They are all so intricately detailed, with gold touches. England really is nothing like this. I also loved how all of these wonderful and well-respected buildings had not a spray of paint. It was just mind-blowing. --Old-lady moment over.
We walked into a lovely German market where we picked up a Bratwurst/Bockwurst and purchased some handmade gifts and postcards for our loved ones and ourselves.
We then took the turning down a very long road to the Holocaust Memorial.

After having a little walk through the memorial, to cheer ourselves up we wandered over to the Brandenburg Gate to find a little street festival with live music. We bought ourselves a naughty midday cocktail and some ridiculously expensive sweets and found a little corner to take it all in.
We had heard about this amazing place where you can get your passport stamped. Checkpoint Charlie. I just HAD to go. It has been so long since my passport had been stamped, it is kind of a novelty. Also, my childhood friends call me Charlie so obviously I really needed to go!

Checkpoint Charlie was the crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin in the cold war.
After giving our passports another look, trying on some military hats, and getting our snaps done in an Automat, we ambled round to the Jewish Museum. Basically Alix will marry a hot Jewish guy one day. So we had to brush up on our Jewish knowledge and fake our way in as a student.
Getting in for 3 euros instead of 6 was even more of a good thing after we realised we missed a whole floor! Doh. How silly of us.
After the Jewish museum, we headed to Kreuzberg to find 'Burgermeister' which was one of the "must sees's" on my 'cool places to visit in Berlin' map. We walked down one of the main streets which was cornered off by the police, to find a huge pack of cool kids with their face painted and their hands holding beer. We walked into the direction they were coming from to see what we were missing out on.
It was the biggest, and longest, street party I had ever seen. Live music every 200 yards, stalls selling fresh food and drinks. It was crazy! Turns out it was Labour day! The streets were littered with rubbish.
After gripping on to eachother trying to survive the crowds, we made it out alive and carried on with our mission to Burgermeister. We did not succeed. Our stomachs gave in and settled for a Schnitzel in some Hipster canteen underneath the trainline.

Highlight of the day, other than getting my passport stamped a billion times, was having my very first Bockwurst. It was so delicious. I wanted another straight away... I didn't though.


  1. The place you stayed looked amazing! I would love to go just to see what it's like for real! xx

  2. Aw, that was lovely & so detailed! Miss Berlin & you already! xxx

  3. such a beautiful photos :) bet you have a great time.

  4. Literally looks like you had the best time Charlotte. The place you stayed looks absolutely incredible! x

    The Little's.

  5. All these pictures are so pretty! Seems like you had such a lovely time! And that hotel! Oh my gosh! It's freaking awesome, everything is just so perfect and wonderful and lovely looking! xxx

  6. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. Deff going to check out the place you stayed, such a fun idea.

  7. I'm so glad you loved Berlin <3 <3 I loved it so much too (and 3 times hasn't been enough times to visit so far..) and there's just so much culture and fun stuff to do, and cool places and museums.. hehe I wouldn't mind marrying a dashing Jewish man either. xx

  8. You have confirmed that I definitely want to visit Berlin soon. Your photos and words make it all sound amazing.
    Also, you two eat so much yummy stuff! xx

  9. These photos are gorgeous, love the pink scooter!! Looks like you've been having a wonderful adventure. :) xx

  10. That hotel is incredible. I have never thought about going to Berlin but now I have to!! Wow!

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  11. I lovelove Berlin, your post has made me pretend I'm back there :) I hope you also tried currywurst!

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  13. Wow!
    Tolle Bilder. Ich liebe Berlin! :)

  14. OH i really want to visit Berlin! I visited Amsterdam and I've heard that because I loved it LOADs there i'll love Berlin,
    lovely photos xx

  15. LOVEd this post!!! Your hotel/cabin/caravan park (?!) looked AMAZING!!! how loopy?!? Love all the lovely pictures, sounds like you had a fab fab time xxxxxx


*Forever Love*