Berlin: Day Three

After a nice catch up on sleep, we got ready for the final day's adventure and packed up all our things to check-out. The sun was shining and we decided that this was the day we wear our summery outfits. Dresses and Dungarees.
We ventured out for breakfast after abandoning our luggage. Alix and I both thought that we should have a Dunkin' Donuts just like the first morning. I had a raspberry filled classic and Alix a lemon frosting. Yum.

Once we were on a sugar high we went back to the Bauhaus Archive as soon as it opened it's doors.
We managed to get a few snaps of the art before getting told off for such a crime! Oops.
Seeing the Marcel Breuer chair designs made me think of the chair project we had once researched in art college, many many years ago. I felt in the know. We browsed up and down the room staring at paintings, ceramic vases, copper teapots, wonderful colour spectrum's and tiny models of the Bauhaus building.

Feeling fairly disappointed with Bauhaus only having one small part open to public we hopped on the U-Bahn to Weinmeisterstrasse. Where my 'When we think of Berlin' map took us to an amazing little shopping area. We went in search of the Absinthe Depot (which looked very dusty and gloomy from the outside) it appeared to be closed, so until it opened we went in search for R.S.V.P.
R.S.V.P is an elegant stationery shop. It had a limited selection but every single thing was utterly beautiful. Everything is displayed on dark wooden shelves in neat little rows. I was in organised-heaven. There were rows of Washi tape, amazing printed cards, notebooks, posh fountain pens, dreamy ceramic tape dispensers and tiny notecards. Everything seemed a little too expensive so I bought a three pack of skinny tape and went on my merry way. -I could not leave empty handed!
We stopped for an Afri-cola on the way out to soak up the sun and grab some energy. Realising we were ridiculously hungry, we went hunting for a Bockwurst. 
There were some amazing little boutique shops that we stumbled into. Hipster neon clothes and accessories with cute little pups as part of the furniture. Amazing home decor shops with weird and wonderful stock. 
I just wished I had more luggage space and a little less room in my purse as there was such pretty things that I needed so desperately. Cute ceramics, neon trimmed accessories, rustic plant pots, perfect paintings. Sigh.
We got back on mission Bockwurst due to ridiculously rumbly tummies and seemed to have walked for ages with no sightings of a hotdog stand or even the sense of a sausage. We gave up for a while and fed our faces with a yummy frozen yoghurt with kinder pieces and tasty blueberries. So yummy.
After getting some energy back we carried on the road for some meat. We finally found a shiny sign with the amazing words of BOCKWURST! Gasp of relief. It was so worth it. Who cares that we ended up having dessert first!

After a lovely stroll around the beautiful streets with equally beautiful shops, we went in search of the Museum Der Dinge back in Kreuzberg. 
We found the museum hidden down a pokey street. It was however up several flights of stairs, I was very thankful for the Bockwurst!
'The Museum of Things' is literally what it was. Tall wooden cabinets filled with stuff. Vintage tins grouped together in one cabinet and small glass jars in another. Packaging, colours, electricals, toys were only a small selection of things you could find grouped so effectively in this amazing Museum. 
I was in awe of the selection of vintage tins. I have a newly obsession with pretty tins, big and small.
...As well as I was with the wonderful dainty vintage teacups. So pretty with their shiny gold details.
Alix and I decided as it was so sunny and warm to go for a cheeky cocktail to finish off our lovely trip.
Walking past another Automat, naturally I dragged miss P in that booth for one last time. Looking more like children than ever before, we quickly pocketed the strip and ran for grown up cocktails.
Lapping up the long-awaited wonderful sunshine, we sipped our Cosmopolitan and Pina Colada's and reminisced over our wonderful adventure. We were going to miss this place. To finish it all off we went back to the amazing stationery shop that we visited yesterday and bought neon tape, cards and map lined envelopes. We then visited another cool eatery that was featured in my 'When we think of Berlin' map, called Angry Chicken. The neon signs and fluorescent bar stools were very inviting, it oozed Japanese cool kid! We settled down and ordered some Friendly chicken and Sexy chicken with a side of potato crispy chips.
Once we were fed and watered and satisfied with our jam packed schedule, we hopped on the U-Bahn to Hermanplatz to grab our bags from the hotel. We said our final farewells to the wonderful Hotel Huttenpalast and took a trip on the U-Bahn for one last time. Heading straight to the Airport, we were rather sleepy, and rather sad, but very happy for all the exciting things we managed to cram into three days. 
Berlin is so trendy and clean and there is just so much to do and see. Three days was not quite enough, but was just enough for Alix and I to have our mini adventure and get away from the real world.
Where to next Alix? Amsterdam? Helsinki? Stockholm? Copenhagen? All of the above? Yes please.

Here are some souvenirs that I came home with. (minus one Amazing magnet that I forgot to feature.)


  1. Daym all the food sure looks good :)

  2. Such great photos! Thanks for sharing what you got up to :)

  3. All these pictures are so so wonderful! Seems like you had a brilliant time, and I love what you both wore too! You both looked lovely! xxx

  4. What absolutely gorgeous photos! I love Berlin, one of my favourite places! Also adore your scarf! :) xx

  5. Hey,
    super schöne Fotos. Ich liebe Berlin!

  6. Such amazing pictures, I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go to Berlin. It looks amazing. The souvenirs you brought home are so cute! :)

  7. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  8. I just returned from Berlin a few weeks ago, It seems everyone is going here recently.
    Its my all time favourite city.
    Quite a few posts of my trip on my blog.
    Little Blonde Life

  9. i love seeing all of your berlin adventures! miss you.


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