Berlin: Day Two

After a much needed sleep in our cosy little cabin, we got ready and dressed for the day and headed to the hotel canteen to fill our stomachs. Whilst snacking on rye bread salad sandwiches, chocolate pastries and tea, Alix and I planned our day.

We hopped on the Underground to visit the East side gallery of the Berlin Wall. Whilst sitting on the train, we noticed that yesterday's littered streets of the Labour Day party were mostly cleared away of it's rubbish. There were shopkeeper's scrubbing their doorways and volunteers picking up squashed plastic cups. This city is perfect.
We arrived at the Berlin wall and had a browse at each artwork. The whole wall is so colourful and bright. It was so interesting.

I loved some of the pieces there. The Picasso-esque piece, the hand prints, the portraits, the writings.

Looking at these made me really miss art college. I miss drawing and painting and the research. Some of these pieces are fantastic. I came home wanting to get my paintbrushes out and paint!
It was so inspiring. So much so that are tummies needed filling again. So we strolled down the main road on the hunt to Burgermeister (again!) turns out we passed it about five times yesterday without realising! Oops.
But first I persuaded Alix to hop in a Photoautomat with me to have our snaps done.
We found some amazing little boutiques on the way. A wonderful stationery/book shop where I accidently spent fifteen euros on some Map-patterned washi tape, notebooks and postcards.
We also stumbled into a wonderful clothes store where we found the owner/designer sitting at her sewing machine creating one of her masterpieces. It was such a lovely place with white marker graffiti on the windows and neutral classic shaped garments with neon trimmings. If only we had Euros.
So after all the sad faces due to lack of cents we hurried on to Burgermeister where we would finally fill our empty hungry insides with their infamous burgers. We arrived at the old public lavatory-now burger stand and ordered our cheeseburger with fries. After being given a number, we took a 'seat' on the old bike poles and waited impatiently for our number to shine in lights. Oh but once we were greeted with our delightful lunch... it was all so worth it. The huge search for it last night and the short wait after handing over our money. It was so tasty!

After feeling completely satisfyingly full, we headed to the Bauhaus Archive to realise that it was already closed. So we got our bearings and decided to head to the Botanischer Garten Und Botanisches Museum.
After the long walk from the underground stop, and the beautiful rich German houses, we arrived at the gardens and got lost in it's beauty. A perfect view, pretty flowers and amazing glass architecture.

 Luckily we got our tickets for half the price. We didn't even need to pretend to be students.
We strolled in and out of conservatories filled with beautiful flowers and wonderful plants. It was so warm but so pretty. Alix was in her element with her love for flowers.
We wandered into the Mexican lands of the garden. Amazing and scary and pretty and spiky Cacti.
The gardens were so beautiful too. I loved the symmetry of everything. Rows of pansies and symmetrical trees and pastel pink roses and large ponds with statues. It was incredible.
We walked our merry away back to the underground in search for food.
This evening was supposed to be for Haim, but due to their selfish cancelling we went to a stylish food market instead. Weltrestaurant Markthalle was filled with good-looking Hipsters sipping on cocktails, live Jazz music, a huge selection of different foods, and overpriced fancy Teas.
After having several walks around the market trying to pick something to eat from the wide selection, we settled on a delightful breadcrumbed ball of goodness. It was filled with rice, ragu and beef and a chocolate smothered waffle for afters. We washed it down with a super strong Brooklyn Punch cocktail.
After a long eventful day, we travelled back to the cabin and passed out. We really are adventurers.


  1. These pictures are all so lovely! Seems like you had a pretty perf time! xxx

  2. You are making me want to visit so much. Damn my lack of funds :P

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  3. Berlin looks incredible, definitely on my list of places to visit.


  4. Ahh, I want to go to Berlin. Everything I've heard about the city seems great, your stories and photos just confirm it again. :) And it looks like you're having a great time!! Thanks for this insight in your travels! :) xx

  5. I am a little bit in love with you two. You always do the coolest stuff! x


*Forever Love*