Pin It Forward UK

Today I am delighted to talk to you about Pinterest and tell you about the #PinItForwardUK campaign. 300 bloggers have been selected to celebrate Pinterest officially launching in the UK by blogging about it! I was super lucky to be invited to the launch party last month where there was an array of miniature foods, pic n mix (SOLD!), cocktails, cake pops and a talk from one of the co-founders.

So you may have heard about Pinterest already, and if you haven't, where have you been hibernating?! In a nutshell it is like having an online scrapbook. A place to organise all your inspiration in one place.

I have been a member on Pinterest since the early stages when you had to request to be a member! I have been addicted ever since. How can one place be so aesthetically pleasing and get me daydreaming about my future cottage in the countryside or my dream garden wedding?!
I am so grateful for the app too! Pinning on the go! Sometimes I sit on the bus on the way to work Re-pinning away without even realising that I have arrived at my stop. 

My favourite board has to be Pretty Little Things. It is a board filled with trinkets, treasures, paint swatches, candyfloss clouds, tickets, vintage tins and everything I think of when I think Pretty Little Things! 

So, now I introduce to you the lovely ladies over at Three Bad Mice. These three beautiful sisters living in London and Hong Kong talk fashion, travel and lifestyle over on their blog. Their Pinterest gives a whole range of inspiration. I especially love their Home, Words, and Paris boards. These girls give a sophisticated, well-travelled, girl-next-door kind of vibe.

So if you're not already an addicted Pinner, sign up here and get inspired. It will change your life.


  1. I love pinterest! It's incredible! Everything is just so lovely and wonderful! xxx


  2. The launch party sounds so fun! Wow. Pinterest posts are always the prettiest. The Pretty Little Things board sounds adorable. I've never actually used Pinterest myself, always just admiring everyone elses haha.

  3. You lucky duck! I adore pinterest, it's scary how easily I can spend time on there, just pinning away! Em @ the freckled rambler

  4. your Pinterest is one of my favs, too many cute things! <3 <3

  5. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Charlotte! I find myself re-pinning on the way to work too- I love looking for new inspirations! It's great to hear that you have discovered fun treasures on Pinterest. I can't stop looking at your Pretty Little Things board- the heart ring is adorable! Lauren, Community Coordinator


*Forever Love*