Just a cup of Tea for breakfast lunch & dinner please

Everyone knows I like a nice cup of orangey-hued tea. If I didn't have to work I think I would quite happily walk everywhere with a cup attached to my hand.
But when I do have to work, I make the most of my morning cuppa and on my days off I have a tasty sit down lunch with my own company. Which is the very best kind.
I like to enjoy my tea with a yummy plate of breakfast waffles with a sliced banana.
I like to have a cup with a fancy plate of delightful Laduree macarons at elevenses.
I like to have a tea with breakfast toast topped with ma'ma's homemade marmalade and a banana.
I like to enjoy a nice cup of tea at lunch with chicken triangle sandwiches, cherry tomatoes and hula hoops.
 I like an early hot cup of tea with a small plate of waffles and banana with a swirl of honey.
I enjoy a cup with a slice of brown toast with a sliced banana and a handful of blueberries snuggled on the sofa watching a film.
 I like a good tea with a tasty chicken, watercress and mayonnaise sandwich with hula hoops and a side of peanut M&Ms for a Wednesday lunchtime.
I especially love a wonderful cup of tea with breakfast waffles with added banana and blueberries with a splash of honey on an early Monday morning.
What do you like to have a tasty cup of tea with?


  1. Your little feasts always make me sigh, I love the effort you make in tasty preparation - 'they' always say the first bite is with the eyes (apparently!).

    Jem xXx

  2. Love your pictures! I think I enjoy my tea just as much as you, the bf is always laughing at how much joy a cup brings me.

  3. This just inspired me to go and follow you on instagram! x

  4. Your food looks delicious! I like to have a cup of tea with pretty much everything!

  5. I crave waffles now!!! Great photos! I also like tea! My favourite is English Breakfast though.

  6. I actually love this post, it's so cute and British. I could see these pictures in a museum somewhere!


  7. It just goes to show a cup of tea can be enjoyed with anything!

  8. I love this post <3 tea is a huge deal in my world - I like it best first thing in the morning, especially if it's brought to me in bed without having to beg lol. I like a midafternoon cup of tea and a Mars bar if I need a pick me up, and a last cup before bed if I'm reading a really good book xx

  9. Something sweet together with a cup of tea, there is nothing better!

  10. I love this post!lemon and poppy seed muffins would be the best to have with tea I posted a recipe on how to make them recently: :D

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