Tea Review: LuLin

Lu Lin meaning 'green forest' in Chinese. This perfectly emphasises on the natural and healthy aspects of the products. LuLin is a passionate and ethical company who support local Chinese farmers and their aim is to make Chinese tea a more accessible drink.

When this company contacted me and asked me to review their lovely Chinese teas, I did not know how in love I would be with their blends. So light and refreshing, and pretty!

Blooming Tea: Flower Whisper, containing an Osmanthus Flower
This beautiful floral taste is perfect for afternoon tea. It is so refreshing, and so very pretty. I like the light and soft taste. I love how it tickles my taste buds before it goes down my throat. It almost tastes a little minty. The aroma has a floral woodland feel about it, which matches it's appearance.

This tea is quite sweet, so no milk or sugar needed, just a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich.
Overall, a very pretty tea, which must be on display! Get yourself a glass teapot to show it off.
Posh Earl Grey:
LuLin Teas take on the English favourite Earl Grey with added bright blue cornflowers and orange flowers to create their wonderful Posh Earl Grey blend.
This Earl Grey blend is delightful! It is smooth and not too strong at all. Not only does the added blue cornflowers and orange flowers give it a little extra colour, it gives a slight floral taste with subtle zesty orange notes coming through.
This blend has just the right amount of Bergamot too. There is nothing worse for me than an overpowering amount of Bergamot. The Posh Earl Grey is perfect. It is so easy to drink. 
You can have it with a dash of milk, or a slice of lemon. However, I recommend giving those a miss and heading straight for the no-strings-attached approach. 
I am a hard one to convert from my usual go-to-cup of English Breakfast Tea... But I think I may have found a contender! This might be my new second favourite. Next time I run out of milk I will no longer need to panic... I have Posh Earl Grey to keep me going. 


  1. I am soooo boring when it comes to tea, I love my English breakfast but I definitely need to branch out. This sounds lovely and I love the fact that they're such an ethical company.

  2. im so happy youre reviewing tea, I used to do that a long time ago on steepster, check that website out you might like it. x

  3. that tea pot is gorgeous and the way the tea flowers is amazing.

  4. Mmmm! Reviewing teas seems like a wonderful thing! How neat.

    Anything Earl Grey always lures me in. Love it.

  5. Oh my gosh! I've been looking for flowering teas for ages! This is absolutely perfect!! X

  6. Also you should totally do a tea review of Suki Tea! Their "Apple Loves Mint" tea smells absolutely delicious (never tried it though :() it has rosebuds and dried fruit in the tea leaves!


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