Tea Tasting with Tetley

Last month I was extremely lucky to be invited to London for an afternoon at Tetley's Tea Tasting Headquarters to celebrate the launch of their new 'Estate Selection' tea. It was such an exciting and informative visit. I took my mother with me as we had planned a day trip to London anyway. Turned out she was in her element! I think I get my love for tea from her!
The lovely tea tasting team showed us around and talked us through the whole process from Tea leaf to Tea bag. It was just fascinating.
Once we had absorbed all tea knowledge we went over to the tasting station and absorbed all the tea. Like professionals, mother and I tried our very best at slurping and spitting, and couldn't help but think that we were wasting all these delightful tea gulps. Nearer to the end we just decided not to spit the tasty contents out and let our taste buds enjoy every moment. It was so nice to taste different blends from different parts of the world. I enjoyed teas that I thought I probably wouldn't like.
I love the fact the water is boiled in large old-fashioned copper kettles on industrial looking stoves. I like that traditional aspects are still being used. The tea is weighed using old fashioned brass hand scales too. Absolutely amazing.
There are shelves that line the whole entire back wall filled with old tins that contain all sorts of delightful teas just waiting to be blended. I wanted to take some tins home to line my kitchen shelves and pretend I had fascinating tea concoctions inside. It really is just wonderful.
In another room we tasted a whole different type of tea. Non teas actually, Rooibos and fruit infused teas. I was a little silly really as I was pretty shocked when the buyer told us that these teas were made up of no tea leaves what so ever, but then that really is kind of obvious! Anyway, We slurped up more wonderful tastes, some of which I really did not think I would like. Peppermint, Cranberry, Mango, Licorice. There were even Pina Colada and Mojito blends. However just as before, I surprised myself. These teas were tasty and sweet and much more colourful than the green and black teas.
I am still a black tea girl though... preferably with a couple of rosebuds thrown in.
After the tasting and more tea discussions, we said our goodbyes and one of the lovely tea tasters gave me a jar of their Darjeeling First Flush. Which was explained earlier as 'The Champagne of Teas'. Mother was so excited, I am now sadly confident in telling you that she loves tea more than me! I am going to have to set up her own Tea blog 'The Tea Drinking English Rose's Mother'!!!
Tetley Estate Selection:
The lovely Tetley team sent me a box of their new Estate Selection to try before my little visit. So I put the kettle on in anticipation.
The tea leaves in this delightful tea were handpicked at height from selected Tea Estates in the foothills of Mount Kenya. The high altitude creates the full, intense flavour and the most sparkle (which is really important by the way! Something I learnt from the tasting visit).
If you appreciate a good cup of black tea, this is most definitely for you.
This tea creates such a wonderful rich orangey colour with an added dash of milk. With a subtle floral aroma do not be deceived. This cup is full in flavour with it's rich tones and refreshing after taste. I love it! I would happily change up my daily morning routine with this beautiful number. I think it would go quite nicely with my banana blueberry waffles.
Along with a box of the Estate Selection, the Tetley folk sent me a packet of biscuits (they know me too well!) and a beautiful Tetley printed teacup and saucer. It was such a lovely surprise and I really appreciated the effort that was put into it all. The tasting day included! Everyone was so lovely and welcoming. Thank you Tetley and Laura for setting this all up.
I am just going to pop the kettle back on for another tasty cup of Estate Selection. Why don't you join me?!


  1. How perfectly you- a tea tasting session! It looks amazing- I would love to try tea tasting! After I found out about my caffeine intolerance I started trying lots of different teas and my favourite is peppermint- I'm completely addicted & have been for a while now!

    I love the cup and saucer too :)


  2. oh this is like my perfect day! looks so good x

  3. This is such a ridiculously awesome experience. I wish I could go on one of these, but eat macarons instead. Just totally OD on them. Yay for food & tea enthusiasts!

  4. I am so jealous. I bet you and your mum were in your element. If you come and play in Norwich I know the perfect place to take you - you'll have tea coming out your ears :)

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  5. What a brilliant way to spend a day!! Tea tasting!? Amazing!! The copper kettles have stolen my heart - love a little history!

    Jem xXx

  6. This looks so fucking cool!

  7. Ohh this post is superb! I love tea culture. I adore all types of tea including Indian tea and all types of Chinese tea. My favorite tea would be Ceylon tea, it's perfect for a cup of milk tea! Would love to visit a tea tasting session one day :)

    Renee x

  8. Oh I wish I could go to this place, it looks amazing.


  9. This post was so fun to read! I can imagine taking my mum along with me too (we're so obsessed with tea we named one of our Labradors Tetley haha!). At the moment my favourite tea is Ceylon as it satisfies my sweet tooth :) Your photos are all so lovely too. Who knew row upon row of teacups could look so nice!

  10. If you get invited again, can I come with?I saw Victoria Wood go to the Taylor's of Harrogate factory on that documentary she did about tea. If you haven't seen it I would definitely iPlayer it. Sounds like you both had a fab time, this is afternoon tea for nerds, at its best. :) xxxxxx

  11. Wow, impressive line up of all different teas. Did you manage to taste them all before they got cold ;)

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