The Teastorks Project

I love hearing about new independent brands, especially when it comes to Tea.
So when I heard about these guys and their brilliant idea, I was more than happy to help them reach their goal.
These three university friends, Tom, Bonnie, and Graham aka. Teastorks, love their tea as much as you and I, but after their forgetfulness of an empty Tea tin, they came up with this...

After being "a bit Tea-ed off" with the extortionate delivery rates the big brands charge us, they decided to create something new and exciting.

"It's silly that you have to pay £3-£4 of delivery fee's if you want to buy good tea online. We will never charge a delivery fee inside the UK"-co-founder, Tom Britton

Teastorks was set up in Tom's dorm room. They source unique teas from all around the world from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Teastorks use silk pyramid tea bags that contain loose leaf, for our convenient 'always-on-the-go' lifestyle. The bags are actually biodegradable too which I love. We can enjoy a great cup of tea without harming the environment AND free delivery. Perfect.
They have 18 days to go until they reach their goal on their Kickstarter page, so let's help them and get us a taste of their yummy teas.


  1. Such an amazing idea! Loved the video, hope they reach their goal :) xx

  2. This is a fantastic idea! What a lovely way to buy tea, and I totally agree - the £2-£4 delivery fees for tea always baffle me slightly!

    Jem xXx

  3. that is a really good idea :) x


*Forever Love*