When Charlotte met Miss Jenny

Last Friday, the wonderful Miss Jenny from Sunny Sweet Pea came to Kent to visit. I was so excited to finally meet her! She is just as awesome and lovely as I'd imagined. I awaited her arrival with pizza and tea, and she came bearing gifts for me too. A pretty coral Gerbera plant and yummy white mice. She knows me so well!
Saturday morning, we piled our things and epic picnic into the car and talked all the way to Edinbridge to visit the beautiful Hever Castle.
As soon as we got there our stomachs were doing more than growling! So before we did anything else, we found a nice spot under a huge tree and laid out our huge picnic. We feasted on olives, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato falafel, chicken & watercress sandwiches, yummy Elderflower Jelly, strawberries and Pimms.
We were having a lovely time, until... THIS happened!
It was like a swam of bees to pollen... a dozen ducks must have smelt our delicious picnic and waddled their way over. They were such brave little things. I swear they had some sort of game plan. One arrogant little wet-footed duck climbed onto Jenny's lap happily nibbling her sandwich from her fingertips, whilst another came from around the back of her and stole her WHOLE other half of her sandwich... her CHICKEN sandwich!!! When did ducks get so confident?! And when did they start eating their cousins?! Crazy. I started to get a little freaked out at this point and shooed them away. 
(^ Such a smug little thing with mayonnaise smothered around his beak)

I remember going to Hever Castle when I was about nine. Such a long time ago. I didn't remember it's grounds being this beautiful! So many florals and roses and blooms. It was just so perfect, perfect for a wedding infact. I can only imagine how many pennies it would cost to have your wedding here amongst the wonderful gardens and having your guests sit at the edge of the lake. There were actually two weddings on this Saturday. Slight jealousy... really need to save my coins.
The weather was very strange that day. One minute it was ridiculously windy, then a few spits of rain, and then full warm sunshine. This lasted all day. So when it was rather windy we took our tickets and did some exploring in the castle. The castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, which lately has been my favourite part of history. Actually the story of King Henry VIII was always my favourite at school. I will definitely have to read the Philippa Gregory books like Miss Jenny suggested. 

Some parts of the grounds are just stunning. I wished I lived closer so I could picnic here all the time. When the sun was out it was just so pretty and made me feel happy. I was just in awe of all the colour.

(^ Imagine this to be the aisle you walk down in your beautiful off-white wedding gown to meet the man of your dreams at the end and say your 'I do's'! In love)
We were so lucky to have seen some of their infamous rose displays. Though they weren't in full bloom just yet, when we did spot a cluster or two we could not help but snap away. I cannot wait to get my Diana Evelyn film developed. I took some snaps of some wonderful roses and other florals. I hope they come out as beautiful as they looked.  

 A little overview from what I saw from up here:
(^ Converse Queens)
Go and have a little read of Jenny's wonderful post of our adventure. 'A Sweet Pea meets a Rose' -What an Amazing title! Completely fitting!! Her photos are so Amazing, she captured the day perfectly. I had such a lovely adventure with her and we chuckled over the most silly things. Geoffrey look-alikes. Bad haircuts. Crazy confident ducks. 
I wish I lived nearer to this lovely lady. I think I have found a friend for life.


  1. Love this post. That picture of me and the duck brings back such funny memories. Sneaky devils. My socks still make me laugh. I am not in the slightest bit stylish, but it was too cold for style that day :P

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  2. Your photos are lovely too Charlotte! Hever Castle looks gorgeous, I love all the roses <3 those ducks are ridiculous, how cheeky! xxx

  3. Such beautiful photos!!!! Sounds like the perfect little picnic too xxxx

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos! Definitely a perfect wedding venue. Where was the elderflower jelly from? I'm in love with anything elderflower! X

  5. Lovely photos. You're so lucky to have found some great friends through blogging.x

  6. This seemed like such a wonderful day. You two must have been so giddy with happiness. It really is a perfect setting for a wedding, or even a small party with friends and tea candles! <3

  7. Your photos are lovely!


*Forever Love*