A day in the life of The Tea Drinking English Rose... on a bubble hopper

So, one sunny afternoon I was asked by the lovely folk at Aero to be involved in their bubble hopper challenge. Eating mint Aero bubbles and bouncing on a space hopper?! I couldn't really turn that one down. The idea was to be as creative as you can.
So here is how I played. 'A day in the life of The Tea Drinking English Rose... on a bubble hopper'...
Waking up on a gloomy summers day, with a bubble hopper attached to my bottom.

...Time for breakfast. I bounced down the staircase for an obligatory cup of breakfast tea and a bowl of... Mint Aero Bubbles.
...After a bounce into town for a tea-infused juice and croissant, I took a little detour home to stop and snap some tiny lilac flowers.
...Then bouncing all the way home for a another cup of tea and pic n mix, and on to writing to a dear old friend about my days adventure... on a bright green bubble hopper!
Do you fancy having a fun 'non-grown up' day bouncing on your very own bubble hopper and nibbling on TEN bags of Mint Aero bubbles? All you need to do is leave a comment below describing how you would use your bubble hopper. Be as creative and imaginative as you can! The top five answers will be contacted on the 12th August. So remember to leave your email address.
**Thank you to Nicola for the photography, I owe you a milkshake.


  1. Milkshake ... May be sit on bubble hopper and shake my milkshake while I do the hopping idk lol this is so cute!

  2. I would use my bubble hopper to bubble hop to work instead of doing a boring adult commute. Then when I was at work I would follow the boring sandwich van (that only ever has tuna and cheese sandwiches left)on my bubble hopper, sharing my Mint Aero bubbles with all the other bored lunch queues...I'd like to think I'd be crowned Queen Hopper!!!

  3. hahaha this post is so much fun!!
    I'd hop up to my local park, hop around that picking flowers for my flower pressing project then probably hop down to get an ice cream, round the lake and back again! :D


  4. I love this post...
    Anyway, what would I do with a bubble hopper. Well, I think I would take my bubble hopper to a water park, find the largest water slide there, and bounce all the way down. Hehe...that would be fun!
    Lauren x

  5. aw what a fun day! So you bought the map dress too :) it's lovely isn't it! Not sure how I would use a bubble hopper, can't imagine it would go down well on the train to work!! xx

  6. Where is that typewriter from !? I love it

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  7. love this post! hmm let's see... I would probably replace all of the chairs in my home with it because ball hoppers are so much more fun! I watch a show called Degrassi and back in season 10 they replaced the chairs with balls, and it reminds me of this!

  8. This is so unbelievably cute and crazy! You are wonderful, Charlotte! xxx

    1. My friend and I spent our whole last day of school hopping around our school on space hoppers! It was so much fun. And a real thigh work out! X

  9. Love this post! Definitely brought a smile to my face :)
    Hmm... if I had a bubble hopper.. I would test out many cafes and see how many would allow me to sit on the hopper instead of the chairs! Wonder how that would go down xx

  10. How lovely! What a fun giveaway :)

    I would wake up, hop onto the space hopper and bounce around my little flat, bouncedy bounce, putting the kettle on and picking out a morning tea, perhaps my ever so delightful pink lemonade herbal tea. I would then go about making cookies for friends whilst hopping around the kitchen, bouncing up and down on the space hopper to peek through the oven window. It would then be time for a little space hopper tea party! Tiny sandwiches, sweeties, homemade cookies and rose milkshakes... If the weather is fair, I think that we may all bounce around in the garden outside, just like when we were young! After hopping around for most of the day I would then spend the evening reading my favourite picture books (it is a 'non grown-up' day after all!) whilst sitting on the ever so comfy space hopper. Finally, I would have a relaxing evening and treat myself to a face mask and a film, the space hopper is such a comfy place to be :D

    Have a lovely day!

  11. Such a cute post! I love your dress too :)
    I would take the hopper to a festival! Imagine how much fun it would be bouncing around to my favourite, I'm quite short so could use it to get a better view haha ;)
    email -

    Thanks! x

  12. Hey - I keep trying to leave a comment but nothing seems to appear...?



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