Advertising on The Tea Drinking English Rose

Hello lovely Tea Drinkers and Milkshake Sippers. I am currently adventuring in Liverpool for the not-so-little-brother's graduation! But all that shall be shared upon my return.
I have finally set up some advertising spaces. I have decided that all the pennies that I make from/through my blog will go into the Tearoom fund. I also want to help other small businesses and pretty blogs and wonderful artists do the same thing and if I can help, then I will!
For those of you willing to help or are interested in renting a spot then please have a little read here. I am doing this through Passionfruit Ads as it is a lot less hassle for you and for me. It is trusted by many other bloggers and I can assure you it's secure. 
I hope you are enjoying the sunshine with Ice Creams and Fruity Popsicles, Milkshakes and Rose Lemonade.

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  1. I would be more than happy to help :) xx


*Forever Love*