Life lately

I am behind with blogging. I have so many things I wish to write about. I shall be doing a couple of life lately posts just to catch up. Just a wee reminder of my Summery June days for when I look back in another five years. 
Along with Tea, some of you may know I love a milkshake or two. It's my new favourite 'cool-me-down' drink. Along with Iced-tea (ofcourse) and pink Lemonade (I need to make my own!!!). My go-to flavour is usually Strawberry, what's your favourite Milkshake flavour?
I am also a macaroni cheese freak! It seems to be my naughty Friday treat if Sebastian abandons me for the boys. A big bowl of mac n cheese and a good film. I actually could eat it every day. I think I am addicted. I need help.
You can tell the season has changed as the new florals are in bloom. There is nothing better than treating yourself with a bunch of Sweet Williams or Peonies on your day off. Such an easy and pretty pick-me-up.
I am forever in love with Sundays (unless I stupidly plan something). Lazy mornings in bed with a naughty hot chocolate and a children's film, snuggled up with the prince. If only there was kitty that could be curled up by my feet... That would be perfection.
Unless it's a special Sunday ofcourse... A Father's Day Sunday. Where Papa takes me out to a pretty seaside town for lunch and a cup of tea.
Eventhough it was rainy and extremely windy, it was such a wonderful day. I bought Papa a yummy Ice Cream at 'Sundae Sundae' and gave him his brown paper wrapped gifts (A huge papa-sized mug with water-coloured chickens printed on it and an illustrated blue-tit decoration--he loves birds!).
To celebrate the sun finally coming out I actually got to wear a dress. And I caught up with my two arty friends over dinner. We talked uni days, interviews for a Masters degree (sadly not me), and setting ourselves mini projects to get us back into the swing of things. I need some Motivation in my life. I also need some more creativity in my life-- Answers on a postcard please. Literally if you so wish.
Oh and I gave myself a Metallic Sharpie manicure. It looks so great! (As great as it can look with my never-growing nails!) Although, if you were thinking of trying this at home, you will have to leave it for a bit and then paint over it with a clear coat of polish. It smudged a little without the polish over the top.
Who needs a manicurist anyway?!! 
Just a small reminder for you, my lovely readers. If the rumours are true and Google Reader really has gone, you can follow me on Bloglovin' to stay in the loop of my strange tea and macaroni cheese addiction. 
Lots of Tea and Love 


  1. I like your gold tipped pink nails, i wish i could paint mine but the coffee shop industry frowns hard on that sort of stuff. And i agree wholeheartedly about the sunday kids movie thing.

  2. can I get your ice-cream please

  3. i could literally eat mac n' cheese everyday too! ever tried it with bacon, mushroom leek ad a ritz crackers on top? SO GOOD! xx

  4. I love your photos so much! ah I LOVE mac and cheese too! I eat it wayyyy to much though, oh well :P
    But really, i love your photos so much, they're always so cute and well set out :) xxx

  5. I love mac'n'cheese! Generally anything cheese related is a winner for me though...

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the one of the hot chocolate & fabric (bedding?). The blue & white with the pop of your red nail is lovely :-) xx

  6. You look like your really enjoying that milkshake, those icecreams look delicious and your nail looks great! xx

  7. so beautiful pictures, nails :) xx

  8. sounds like a lovely June. Sundays are the best -- it's my favorite day to watch movies and cuddle with a blanket!

  9. I really love your nails and this lovely post in general :) Such a fan of yours since I started following you on Instagram! xo

  10. You have the sweetest names for your parents, mine are just Mom and Dad! Hope you get out of your funk soon, I did it by moving to Copenhagen and I haven't been happier. I couldn't recommend it enough :)

  11. I do love a good mac and cheese too, pure comfort food <3 I really could do with being more creative too, sometimes I find it hard.. I would definitely send you a post card <3 xx

  12. Now I want nothing more than a huge bowl of mac and cheese. Mmmm looks like my day just got a plan.

    This is beautiful by the way. I always love your posts. They are so simple and so lovely, like a Sunday morning.

    Em @Tightrope to the Sun

  13. Oh man, i'm now craving strawberry milkshake! Your blog is lovely!

  14. I love your blog so much! Your nails look SO GOOD too! And now I'm majorly craving a lazy morning in bed with hot chocolate and Disney. Shouldn't have read this post until Friday! ;)


*Forever Love*