Life Lately

The sunshine has finally made an appearance and actually stuck around for a bit. I was starting to debate whether or not we were going to have to rule out the four seasons and re-name it three. I enjoy a summers day, but unfortunately the sunshine just does not like me.
As a dedicated Tea drinker I am still constantly drinking it, but as it's so hot and stuffy I have taken to a few other tasty treats...
I have seriously got a new addiction for Milkshakes, but my latest is a Parma Violets flavour from the Shake shop in town. I love the pretty striped cups they are served in! To celebrate the arrival of my not-so-little brother back from university and his super grades, I bought us both a tasty shake. He ordered Toblerone and Milkyway and I a Parma Violets with a sprinkling of Popping Candy.
I cannot believe I have not been here before now. I am in LOVE!
Last weekend I popped into town to run a few errands and could not resist another. This time I was sipping alone.
I had to pop into town on my day off Wednesday to visit the post office and purchase some berries and other groceries. I passed the shake shop and just HAD to get me another Parma Violets shake for my lunch (Please note HAD!). I saved it until I got home and enjoyed it with a bit of Gossip Girl.
I have also found a new little haunt that Sebastian and I love to go to on these hot summery evenings. We had to wait for a bit before our film at the cinema started, so he treated me to a delightful Raspberry Mojito and him a Rum and Ginger. They were very strong and I was very sleepy!
Last Sunday after our cycle ride, we stopped off for some Mexican food and another cooler. We opted for Mocktails this time as the sunshine had made his mark on us and sucked out all our energy. I enjoyed a very yummy Appleberry. Was so refreshing and tasty. I felt like I was on holiday on a pretty island somewhere.
I have also fallen for the cocktails-in-cans at M&S. Such a variety and for just two pounds each it is a pretty darn good deal. They are also very strong. But so very perfect for picnics in the park on warm Sunday afternoons. Ofcourse you need to sip it from a pretty straw. My favourite is the Cosmo, which is my go-to cocktail on a rare girls night out.
...And if I am feeling extremely hot I pop down to Wagamama for a Berry Ice Lolly. They are sooo good and completely fat-free! I highly recommend these.
So my lovely Tea Drinkers, what is your go-to Summery drink when it's a little too warm for a hot cup of Earl Grey?
I really need to have a go at making Iced Tea and I am desperate to make my own Rose Lemonade.


  1. Great pictures, I love those milkshake places! I always get chocolate orange! :)

  2. Omg, I didn't realize I lived in the same town as you ;)

  3. I love your photos, my ffavourite teas are the cold ones from Whittard, they're soo goodxx

  4. I like the fact your mug matches your duvet! Iv currently been drinking ice tea mojitos conjured up by the bf, using Liptons Ice Tea, delightful!

  5. That girly can drink looks delish! I totally want in. To keep cool I enjoy raspberry lemonade, or putting tea in the fridge in the AM and drinking it when I get home. MMMMMmmm iced tea!


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