Sunny Margate- A Re-visit

Last Friday, I went to Margate with lovely Suz to visit our beautiful Adventurer Alix. When we arrived we quickly turned back around and headed into the old town for a spot of lunch.
We went to what seems to be our regular haunt, The Greedy Cow. Where the place is filled with old maps, artwork, old comic books, vintage decorations, tasty burgers and cute bearded guys that all seem to have their hearts for our dear Alix. Which ends up with us getting free cake. It's a win win for us all.
We had a little potter around the wonderful antique shops where I resisted purchasing old trunks and wooden crates, vintage kitty postcards and a book on marriage and motherhood. Though when a vintage polka dot and gold rim tea set was on the cards, I whipped my purse out at the very moment my eyes caught the slightest of glimpses.
This beautiful seaside town has so many beautiful ghost signs and outside decoration. I am in total love with the buildings. There is a ridiculously perfect five-storey town house, window boxes and all, that overlooks the sea that is just calling my name.
We had a little browse around the Turner Gallery (another of our haunts) at the Curious exhibition, which was filled with it;s usual weird and wonderful artwork. Every time I visit I feel I should be carrying around a sketch book and jotting down artist's names like at art school or in my uni days.

After attempting to go for a tasty ice cream and the shop being disappointingly closed, we went for an ice cream milkshake instead at Proper Coffee. Another ridiculously trendy spot in the town filled with plants in vintage tins, displays of antique scales and old Cadbury and tobacco tins. The walls displaying some trendy art prints and fuzzy painted seaside sceneries. 
This little visit was potentially the last we would spend with little Adventurer Alix before she ups and leaves me for another country. It was well spent catching up and chatting about future trips together, stuffing our cheeks and sipping milkskakes. Perfect. I will miss her terribly though. But I will try my very best to squeeze another visit in before her departure. I spent my day off a few days before getting emotional in Waterstones whilst buying her a travel book and little gifts. Silly me.


  1. It's always nice to have a little jolly! I've never been!

  2. love the photos :) and i think you have a really sweet blog, so i'm following on blog lovin'!

  3. I love that teacup set and your blog.

  4. Aw, your posts always get me longing for another trip to England and remember me on how much I miss living there... Also, you got such a good eye for details and the little things that make a place special! Really nice!

  5. Such beautiful pictures! X

  6. I love your blog, it's full of little details.

  7. I love your blog, it's full of little details

  8. Awww I wish I could come on a little trip with you around Kent. I miss living in the South East. Never been to Margate though. It always sounded like a bit of a town that time forgot but, from your photos it looks like the sleepy little seaside town that would be right up my street. :)
    Can we go on an adventure soon please?
    Han. xxxxxx


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