Tea Review: Tea Horse

So you've probably seen the beautiful beauty bloggers talk about monthly beauty boxes filled with wonderful samples of the latest creams and polishes and masques. They look so wonderful, though I am a simple little organic scrub and cleansing milk kind of girl. Though it is nice to overindulge every so soften on a beauty product.
There is a creation out there that is just perfect for you and I! It is called Tea Horse. Each month they send out a slim-line box (perfect letterbox size) filled with 4 different loose teas. The idea is that we lucky tea tasters get to try a varied selection of quality Tea from all over the world. What a fantastic idea.

Each box arrives with 4 different loose teas, a packet of 40 bio-degradable filters and a fantastic booklet with lots of wonderful information on each tea and how long to brew for. 
Darjeeling 1st Flush- Jungpana Upper
Rich orange in colour
3 minute brew time
This cup is rich but a little tangy. There are a lot of different tastes, like an explosion for my taste buds. This cup of tea has so many bold flavours; floral, fruity, very slightly nutty. Maybe a little too rich for me, not sure what I could nibble when drinking this- and we all know that is important.
Four Seasons- Oolong
Pale yellow in colour
3 minutes brew time

This is my first ever cup of Oolong. The little leaves are rolled and lightly roasted.
In the information booklet it says "It taste's like Spring!" and they weren't lying, it really does! Fresh, floral, light. It has a sweet floral aroma. You can imagine the scent of your kitchen filled with jugs and jugs of Daffodils, well it smells alot like that. I could lightly taste a minty-like note too, right at the back of my throat.
I really liked this tasty cup of Oolong tea- such a silly and fun word to say too!
2nd Flush- Assam
Dark Mahogany in colour
4 minutes brew time

This cup of Assam has a wonderful rich malty taste. Bold flavours, similar to the Darjeeling above, in which the notes are strong and distinctive. I prefer the Assam however. I can easily have this with my many choices of breakfasts. Waffles, toast, cereals. It has a slightly sweet aftertaste which is nice.
I added a dash of milk as it was very rich, but it can be enjoyed with or without. Once I added the smallest amount of milk, I gulped it down. It was so good.
Green- Mint
Golden yellow in colour
2 minutes brew time

I hadn't even tasted it yet, and it cleared my throat/chest- which by the way I did not think had blocked!! I love it already!
Light, peppery base. A fantastic Peppermint tea. It is so light and refreshing. Perfect for sipping after a huge meal, especially if you suffer from digestion issues.
Also, try adding a dollop of local honey and having before bedtime. Perfectly soothing. 
What do you think? A genius idea or what?! For a monthly subscription it costs only £11'95. Not bad at all. Think of the wonderful tea tasting you can experience, all those teas around the world! The booklet is so informative too. I really believe that this is beneficial for all you tea enthusiasts out there. 
For all other information and subscription offers visit their website www.teahorse.co.uk.


  1. I love the concept of trying teas from all around the world! This is so cute :)


  2. This is so wonderful! And you took great accompanying photos <3

  3. Wow, THIS SOUNDS SO AWESOME!! I seriously can't contain how excited I am that such things as a tea subscription box exists. The green mint sounds just lovely (: I'm going to see if they have anything like this for the US asap!!

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  4. Wow. What a wonderful idea these are. Beauty boxes are not really my thing but tea I could do!

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  5. this is genius!! i need this as soon as i move house i have my new teapot ready to go! xx

  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful discovery, Charlotte! A box full of tea sounds like the best kind of post to receive :) I hope that you're having a lovely week! <3 xxx

  7. This is such an awesome idea! Love it! xxx


  8. such a lovely idea, much more my cuppa than beauty products ;) cc

  9. The prettiest little post, and what a lovely idea too…now all we need is a company to do a monthly cake/macaroon/biscuit subscription and we'd be sorted ;) xxxx

  10. This is awesome! I wish I could have it in the U.S.!!!



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