Tea Review: Tetley

You may have read all about my amazing Tetley Tea Tasting visit, if you missed it you can read it here.
Along with my invitation to the Tea Tasting headquarters, I was given some Tea to taste in my own home and give them a little review. Green Tea with Mango & Passionfruit, Green Tea with Jasmine and Blend of Both.
Green Tea- Mango & Passionfruit
This fruity smelling tea gives an exotic summery feel. Which is perfect for our English on-off Summer weather.
I like the fruity taste, especially when it hits the back of my throat. The Mango is the strongest taste in the mix. Which is quite funny as I am not a huge fan of Mango, but I really like this Tea! Perhaps I should give Mango fruit another chance.
Fruit Teas usually let me down. The aroma is so overpowering and inviting, as soon as it hits your tastebuds it is a huge disappointment. But Tetley is something very different! What you smell is what you get!
Green Tea- Jasmine 
This tea is a lovely orangey colour with a pretty floral aroma. A perfect bedtime drink for me.
I like anything with a hint of floral, this tea has more of a hint and is quite calming. I like the floral taste, but Sebastian didn't like it as much. He said it was a little bitter. I think maybe a little sprinkling of sugar may help to convince him otherwise. Though he was pretty set on the Green Tea with Mango & Passionfruit.
Blend of Both
72% Black Tea 28% Green Tea. The balance of the two teas are perfect. The subtlety of the green tea makes this blend just right. 
I would happily have this with my granola and fruit or cheeky fried egg sandwich in the mornings. The green tea is a lovely subtle taste and doesn't overpower the black tea which I love. 
'A regular cup of tea, but with all the benefits of green tea'.
This delightful cup can be enjoyed with or without milk. Though I like a good black tea with a splash of milk to create a perfect orangey varnish colour.
I love trying new things but I am a real black tea girl at heart and love love the Blend of Both. I have been having these at work and I secretly feel great knowing it's part green! Sebastian loves the Green Tea Mango & Passionfruit best, but does enjoy a Blend of Both too. What is your favourite? If you are yet to try any of these in the range... you should!


  1. Great post! I found with fruit teas they smell great then taste of hardly anything as well! I think I may try the Tetley brand then! :)

  2. Green tea not only offers a great tasting drink but is also really good in terms of keeping healthy!
    I love that your blog is dedicated largely to tea as it is definitely something that is underrated!
    Keep it up!


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