Throw Some Glitter And Make It Rain

I have been so very busy lately with work and organising blog posts that I haven't been using my spare time being creative. I promised myself that I would start making things again, sewing, making jewellery again, writing, drawing. I must put this into action once I am back from my little getaway in Devon.
Meanwhile I have been...
...Receiving the loveliest letters from friends. They seem to come at the right moments and make me smile. The above post is from the beautiful Jem from Beautiful Clutter. This girl has some of the tastiest teas!
...Wearing Fluro tops to bring out my freckles and make me smile from the sheer brightness of it. And loving you guys for always cheering me up and sending me the loveliest words of encouragement and pure kindness. You are my bests! I wish to one day share Tea with you all! In my future Tearoom! 
...Eating super sour sweets from my local sweet shop. Other than Parma Violets and Percy Pigs, I am a real sour sweet kind of girl. The bonus of this is that Sebastian hates the sours- he just cannot handle it, therefore more for me!
...Writing letters back to my lovely pen friends. I have quite a long list now that even if my creative days can at least include this, I feel I have not wasted my creative time and it motivates me to write and draw more. I love making their little packages pretty with stickers and tape and sparkling golden stars.
...Sipping Homemade Parma-Violets or Rose Milkshakes made by my lovely Sebastian. He is so good to me. Making me these and popping a pretty paper straw in, just because he knows it cheers me up. What a good guy to marry.

What have you lovely folk been up to lately? I want to hear all about your current adventures.

** I would just like to congratulate Claire on winning the £50 Voucher from the Argos Giveaway. I am so looking forward to seeing what she decides to get with it! **


  1. Yes he's definitely a keeper :) Parma violet milkshake sounds so good! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Cute photos! I also love sour sweets, especially the blue and pink cola bottles- my favourite!

  3. Aw these are such lovely photographs ^v^ xx

  4. I love having pen friends :) There is nothing sweeter than receiving cute little packages and envelopes full of love, ideas and dreams!
    Issy x

  5. I too love bubblegum bottles, putting them on a cute plate might make them last a little longer next time.

  6. All these little details are so cute, and even the straw your using is prettyxx

    I'm going to France soon, visiting my family in the moutains.

  7. oh I love getting snail mail! it's one of the best feelings ever to receive something in the mail. I love the tape you have there -- very pretty!

    let's see... my friend, Alexandra, lives in China and she came back for a visit in mid-July, so we've been spending a lot of time together!


  8. Seeing those sour bottles actually made my mouth water, they're my fave!!
    There's an energy drink that tastes like them, i think it's called rockstar punched, so yum!
    Lizzie off of Maylight

  9. Adore the paper straws. But, I'm totally floored that you have pen pals. Good for you, that takes time!

  10. Mmm... so many yummy candies.
    Pen pals are wonderful. Sending and receiving mail is the best <3

  11. That milkshake looks amazing, as does everything else in this post! Also, because of this post, I looked up parma-violets, and I'm overjoyed to find a new edible thing with my name in it! Haha.

    Love this post!

  12. I really want some sweeties now. I might actually walk to the shop and get some!

    Love from Kelly

  13. Please please please can you get this teashop soon?! I need to come and have tea in dainty cups whilst doodling and eating sour sweets - bliss!


*Forever Love*