Devon #icecreamdiaries

So before I went away to the 'English Riviera' I promised myself that I would have an Ice Cream a day. And I did. Here is how it went.
Day One: Mint Choc Chunk
Day Two: Turkish Delight
Day Three: Blackcurrants & Clotted Cream
Day Three: (No. 2) Mint Choc Chip
Day Four: Tutti Frutti
Day Five: Strawberry & Clotted Cream
Day Six: Raspberry Pavlova
Day Seven: Cookies & Cream (in THE coolest cone!)
I successfully completed #icecreamdiaries and totally did not regret putting a little weight on doing it. My all time favourite flavour is Mint Choc Chip, though Turkish Delight and Cookies & Cream have so much potential to be favourites too. So tasty.
What is your favourite flavour? Tell me some of the strangest ice cream flavours you have ever had.


  1. I live near Brymor and I love their elderflower ice-cream!
    Issy x

  2. my fave is strawberry! but i also like passion fruit, so yummy! xxx

  3. Brown Bread ice cream as well as Sea salt ice cream, both delicious!x

  4. My goodness, this has to be the most amazing idea for a blog post! I want to try all of those flavours

    xx Carina

  5. Blackcurrants and clotted cream looks amazing! That bear cone is so precious, I don't know if I could have eaten it!

    Your nails are so cute, also!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  6. The nicest one I've had has to be apple and cinnamon. Xx

  7. ahh that bear cone is SO CUTE! and blackcurrant sounds super yummy hehe i love ice cream!

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

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  9. Love this post! My favourite flavour is vanilla, but I had Oreo a month or so ago and it was amazing! Bet that cookies and cream was too! xxx

  10. I think this might be the greatest post there ever was, I LOVE your ice cream diary. It's 9am and I'm craving one now!

  11. Haha what a good promise! This would make a really good gif :PXx

  12. Mint choc chip is my fav too :) I do love melon though!xx

  13. Oh my goodness, they all look so good! I love mint choc chip too, although I think I would have resisted for the blackcurrants and clotted cream! xo

  14. Aw are you in Torbay?! I never see anyone posting about it here on the internet although we get lots of tourists. Such a cute post (: x

  15. This is such a unique idea!

  16. I've had Parma Violet Icecream! I had it in Tenby When I was little, so awesome :D


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