"I fell in love at the seaside"

Nearly a week back at work and I am still wishing I was back in sunny Devon, wandering the seaside town streets, sipping cream soda, nibbling ice creams and lazing on the beach. I had such a wonderful time.
Sebastian and I stayed at his grandparents lovely little seaside home in Paignton and it was just perfect. It was nice to get away from home and just relax, but it was especially nice to just be with Sebastian. It really was just what we needed, time on our own and just have fun. Which is what we did.

If we weren't trying different ice creams, we were sipping bright blue slush puppies and perusing the quaint little streets of this tourist town or spending all of our coins and more at the Amusements. It was silly but nice.
We visited the Zoo, we sat in parks, we spent hours in Antique shops in awe of the amount of 'stuff' and wonderful books, we spent a day at a water park sliding down brightly coloured flumes, we playing card games along the beach and watched the sun set, we had a really good time and ate ALOT!
We also had fun watching the evil Seagulls constantly trying to steal food from very naive children.

Oh, and I beat Sebastian at Mini Golf! I got a jammy hole in one which was perfectly timed with a family walking past and watching! Imagine my ego when they all cheered with me at my golden moment!
We had lots of fun days out and funny times, all which I will share with you again in another post.Have you got a little trip away planned? If so, where are you going? If not, let's make the most of our warm weather with nice sunny outings instead.


  1. It is very surreal seeing Paignton look so pretty in these pictures and thinking 'I know that!' Amazing photographs and glad you had a nice time! x

  2. Great photos! I love your outfit and your hair looks great! Looks like you had a lovely time! :)

  3. This looks like a beautiful area, very quaint!xx

  4. The pictures look really professional! Great post, I love Devon, I've been a few times :D

  5. What a wonderful trip you had. Isn't the sea just marvellous!? I feel it really does brighten the spirits!

  6. This post was such lovely escapism to read! Devon is my favourite place to go on holiday. We used to go there on holiday all the time when I was a child! I want to go back so bad! XXX

  7. The best part of this post is all of those sweeping clouds! This post felt like visiting a quaint little seaside town. I can't wait to get myself to Devon!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  8. Oh I would so love a week at the seaside. Looks amazing! xx

  9. So pleased you had such a lovely time! I adore Paignton Zoo, it's one of my favourite places to spend a day. And woohoo on your hole in one- I don't think I've ever done that!! xx


*Forever Love*