Recently Pinned: Black, White and Grey

(Taken from Pinterest, here)

My mood this week has been up and down and up again, it is ridiculous! I have no idea what is wrong with me?! But anyway, speaking of Grey Days...
The reason of this post. Lately my heart has been set on some pretty pieces for the home... and they're all a black and white pattern. Scallop, polka dot, stripe. I think I have a new love; Simple, minimal, decorative.
I even said to Sebastian earlier... "I want to start all over and maybe have less floral"... Yup, I regret that throw away comment. I REALLY hope he forgets that one!
I can have both. Black, White and Grey... and hints of Floral!!! Perfect.


  1. And after years and years of really not liking florals, I now find myself drawn to them - weird isn't it!

  2. pretty pretty <3 I really love the Scandinavian all white look with hints of colour and florals <3

  3. i think it's important to find a balance, which it sounds like you have. ;) i mailed you a little something earlier this week! <3

  4. My flat has had to be like that, because my boyfriend just wouldn't let me overload on the chintz :( So I had to go for graphic and brightly coloured (slightly childlike!) rather than charity shop kitsch.


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