A Brighton Tea Party

On Saturday morning, I rose nice and early and Sebastian and I attempted Papa's 'Strangled egg' recipe for breakfast. We popped into town and got quotes for the re-sizing and touching up of my engagement ring (which I have not worn in months! sadface). Then after a quick packing, he walked me to the station and off I went to see the lovely girls who I spent my uni years with. My friend Mandy has taken the grown up step and bought her very own house. So we arranged to get together to celebrate.
I met Nicola at the station and we travelled together to Mandy's house, just outside of sunny Brighton. We caught up on love, adventures and talked about the future. Whilst painting my nails, which resembled a iced doughnut, we nibbled bubblegum sweets and spoke about the good ol' uni days in Nottingham.
As we arrived at Mandy's beautiful new home, we were greeted by an array of lovely looking desserts and friendly faces. I could not wait to tuck into the strawberry bunny-shaped jelly, lemon poppy seed cake, marshmellow cupcakes, chocolate oreo brownies, mad hatter's trifle and so much more! But first I had to have the grand tour and a hot cup of tea.
After feeling way too full of cake, chips and cherry pop, we got into our pyjamas and had an old-times slumber party. It has been far too long since the gang has been together, the six of us sipped on sangria, champagne and tea (in my case) watching a film and planning our breakfast.
After a good night's sleep, we got up, ate, drank tea and went into Brighton. We had a wander around the little shops and down the pretty lanes, which were laced with pretty hanging baskets and pastel bunting. As usual, I could have bought suitcases full... but trying to be good with my pennies, I just took it all in and made a mental note.
We stopped for a little refreshment of pink lemonade and lemon drizzle cake (shared between three- I could not handle anymore cake after the night before's overindulgence!). Once we had all planned out our individual route home and departure times and chatted for a bit more, we headed back out to rummage for treasure in the wonderful little shops, boutiques and amazing-but over priced, Snoopers Paradise. 
We had a look around in the huge treasure trove, and as Lucy had never ever been, we explored. Mandy tried on some crazy outfits and fascinating hats, whilst I swooned over the old postcards and photographs and ridiculously expensive china. I am going to have to hunt for more vintage china a bit more locally I think.
^ What an odd 'rummaging' pose. I need to re-think my posture!

After a lovely cake-filled, long weekend away... I had to catch the train back home. It was so very nice to see everyone again and the fact that every single one of us could make it was just amazing. The journey home was nearly double the time it took us to get there and was broken into parts with a bus journey, which was rubbish but worth it. 
I love my uni friends loads and being with them feels right. But I can't help but feel I have grown up a lot more, not just in nature, but, well I guess people change... and others just stay the same. I love that blogging and instagramming and so on has given me the opportunity to make friends and I am so grateful for that. For I would not have met my best Alix, My darling new friend miss Jenny and the chance to meet a handful of beauties over the next few months. I am also so very happy I have my lovely pen friends too as you bring happiness to my door!
I love you all. Thank you. Just thank you for everything!


  1. These pictures are lovely! All those cakes look so so delicious! Seems like you had a wonderful day! xxx

  2. That is such a lovely place, so jealous of her for living there! And those cupcakes look adorablexx

  3. this sounds and looks blissful! i'm itching for a day out in Brighton. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  4. What a lovely weekend! You gotta love weekends when you can indulge and eat all of those beautiful sweets. Your nail polish looks equally sweet! I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit with old friends :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  5. Great pictures! The food looks lush and I love the nail varnish! :)

  6. so many gorgeous pictures. looks like it was a really lovely time!

  7. Aw you're so lovely to me :) can't wait for our Christmas adventure. And please let me know if mr postie charges you for my package, I'm paranoid about those self service machines!!

    I'm very jealous you've stayed such good friends with your uni buddies. I'm hardly in touch with any of mine :( but you're so right, people grow and change and sometimes that's really hard to except. I'm still very good friends with a few girls from school. We really have grown up together which is lovely :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  8. Totally agree with your last part. People change, and sometimes they don't at all (even though you wish they did). Facts of life!

  9. This sounds like an absolutely perfect couple of days. I'm meeting up with my uni friends next weekend and I am SO EXCITED. We've been through so much together, and I miss them so much. While people change, I hope that we as a group will continue to change together- I'll be so sad if I lose them, however much I like new friends!! xx

  10. It was so fun following your tea party adventure on instagram! What really can beat Brighton, cake, and friends?? <3


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