Feelings of loneliness and dreams of faraway adventures

So lately I have felt quite 'down-in-the-dumps'. Things here are a little tricky. My heart is feeling fragile.
I cannot help but think about things, I am a serial over-thinker and it isn't a good quality for me. I should be care-free and spontaneous. But I am not. I am a planner and realist and I want happiness.
All I want in my little life right this moment in time is to escape. To the woods somewhere, stay in a cabin and cosy up with tartan blankets and hot cups of tea. I would write and write. I would sleep all night long. I would not think. I would not worry. I would just be free.
write, sip, think
pillow soft (by emibot)

All I want in life is to be loved, wanted and to be happy. I dream of marriage and children but I think it's only a dream because it isn't the right time yet to make that a reality. I don't know if it's even close to being a reality anymore. I really feel so stuck. I feel glued to the middle of a point and once I become unstuck... I don't know which way to go. Left or Right. I want to be sure. And right now, I couldn't be further from knowing. Sometimes I wish I were still a child and people would tell me what's right and wrong and make decisions for me. But I am not, and they cannot.
gentle. wishing for Love.
wishing i could just pack up and leave to go to Scotland
I write this post not for comments and lovely words and questions. But for me and because right now, you lovely lot are all I have. There is no one I feel I can talk to tonight. I am lost, alone and quite frankly scared. So for now I will dream of faraway cabins hidden in the depths of the woods where sleep and peace and happiness awaits me.
Forever Love.
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