Tea Review: The East India Company & The National Gallery

So The East India Company collaborating with The National Gallery to create some 'Delicious Art'. Well ofcourse I'd agree to do a wee review. I have always been one for pottering around art galleries, The National Gallery in London especially. There is nothing better than getting lost in a beautiful classic piece of art. Do you agree?
'The Water Lily Pond' 1899 Monet Ceylon tea, lotus petals, orange peel, cornflowers, blue mallows, strawberry essential oil
This tea is one of the six that are available, and I am so happy that I was sent this one. Not only have I always been in love with this painting by Monet, studied it a billion times at school and art college, but the flavours are just Amazing!
A soft aroma of Strawberry, ceylon and slight floral tones escape the box the moment I opened the sealed bag. Once poured I gave the cup a huge sniff and such perfect orangey notes hit me in the face. It was delightful. Once brewed, the colour was fairly strong. So many tastes and smells that my lucky tastebuds were pushed into overdrive. That was a late summer party going on in my mouth! You could tell that ALOT of though had gone into this delicious blend.
It is soft, delightful and such an enchanting tea. 500 stars.
Tea Master's Notes
"I wanted to craft a tea which transported me to Giverny. The Ceylon Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe is delicate and nuanced - a perfect canvas. Blue Mallow and Lotus petals add vibrant colour, Orange and Strawberry, the scents of the garden. I imagine this is what it would feel like to be standing on the bridge in the fading autumn sunshine."


  1. Not sure how you always manage to make a cuppa look so great, but this one looks especially amazing!

    Also loving your blog look, have you had a redes??

    Lucy xo

  2. What a perfect collaboration! And I adore Monet too, after visiting his house & gardens I'm in awe of everything of his!xx

  3. I love Monet's work, this is such a lovely collaboration! <3 xx

  4. Love this! Looks pretty and sounds delicious :)

  5. Well, what is art for if you can't taste it? ;) Those look aces. It's exciting how people's gotten in on the act of celebrating tea. From hangout drinks to fine canvas. It isn't just for little parties anymore; it can have these applications that stay true to its aromatic kick.


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