Just Add a Sprinkle of Vintage

On days like today and lately, where its blustering winds and raining sideways outside, there is no place I would rather be than indoors. Snuggling up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and melting marshmallows whilst watching an old Disney is one of my favourites. But sometimes I like to put on a beautiful dress and pretend it is sunny. There is no better pick me up than jumping out of my comfys, putting my face on and making a little bit of an effort. Even if it is just for me!
This pretty vintage inspired dress from Warehouse is a new favourite of mine. The print reminds me of an old tapestry and the colours are perfect. If it ever stops raining, I cannot wait to team this with some thick woolly tights and boots, chunky knit cardigan and go outside jumping in piles of orange crunchy leaves and collecting conkers. This dress is so beautiful I will wear it over the Christmas festivities with a statement necklace and red lipstick. 
It has a gorgeous cut out at the back and is just elegant. I am also very in love with the tiny capped sleeves. This dress has elements of cute, elegant and vintage and I just love it so.

I have recently discovered the brand 'Betty and Walter'. At B&W, you can buy Splendiferously Scented Soaps or cotton Tea towels or wash bags or even a brolly! Their retro vintage twist on the beautiful products gives it instant likeable quality. The packaging is charming and once you see their wonderful range on the shelves at Boots this Christmas... you will not be able to resist! Read their story here.
I was sent a lovely package in the post and asked to review their Handsomely Hydrating Hand Cream. Not only is the packaging pretty, but it is Elderflower and Lemon hand cream and smells delicious! I put a small squirt of zesty goodness on my finger and it did wonders. My hands really suffer when the seasons change, so this came right on time. At only £6, this really is a quality product and would make a lovely little stocking filler.
Keep your eyes peeled at a Boots near you, or have a browse in their online shop. I have my eye on the 'Pineapple Souffle' make up bag in Flower Bed, Puddle.
*A little thank you to my darling Mr for the lovely photography.

I know it's still Autumn, but don't you just love to see the shops gradually fill their shelves with Christmas cheer and treasure. I bought some chocolate coins and a bauble or two a couple of days ago. Nearly two whole months. How very exciting.


  1. That dress is beautiful. & that hand cream sounds so good! I checked to see if they ship to Canada & I think it would be about 20 pounds just in shipping... :( Bummer.

  2. Wow, that dress is gorgeous! Such a beautiful pattern! x

  3. oh my goodness that dress is so beautiful, as are you lovely lady!
    i wish i could just snoop round and see all your lovely things in your house xxxxxxx

  4. That is a lovely dress! I love the print! Xx

  5. What a beautiful print on that dress! I love vintage style dresses!

    What Sarah Says


  6. The dress suits you so well, and the Mr did a great job with the photography. And yes, I too am filling with Christmas spirit.

  7. that dress is beautiful! Particularly as it's nearly summer in australia.

    But your polkadot tea cup stole the show for me. Where is that from?

  8. I'm so in love in England that even gloomy weather would make me feel happy. Especially with hot chocolate, blanket and your blog! :)

  9. I need that dress! It is beyond beautiful! I think the colours are perfect for autumn too! Lovely photos xx

  10. Hello Charlotte!

    Just wanted to say that this floral vintage-inspired dress was such a good choice! Great photography by the other half too! Such a lovely vintage vibe to this post :)

    The lavender in your pictures is making me want to try out your lavender biscuits which I saw earlier today - they look amazing!

    Always look forward to your updates.




*Forever Love*