Let Them Eat Cake

A couple of weekends ago I had the best time. 
On the Friday evening my beautiful best, Suz came over with her arms filled with yummy fish and chips. We scoffed until our tummies hurt and off we went to start our night. We had tickets to see The Magic Numbers perform an acoustic set in a little church in the centre of our town (bizarre venue but absolutely darling!). So when we approached the beautiful church, it looked awfully quiet. After asking Suz if it was definitely tonight that the gig was on, she replied with "Yes! Friday the 28th!" which my reply was... "Suz, it's Friday the 27th!"
Silly thing. So after cancelling our plans for the following night we wandered off in search for fun and coconut macaroons (not to be confused with macarons)! We goofed around in a photobooth for a short but fun while, and went home with our macaroons and recited pretty much the whole of the first Harry Potter film ("I'm half and half, me dad's a muggle, me ma'ams a witch..").
Saturday morning came, and I hopped on the train to meet, for the first time, some wonderful pretties who I met on Instagram. The internet really is a wonderful thing!! For which I am so very grateful for. The five of us met at Muriel's Kitchen where we overindulged in slices of red velvet cake and cups of tea and talked for hours.
After a trip to a wonderful tea house in Covent Garden, we then got a burger at Ed's where we talked until it was time for me to go home.
It is so great to meet some lovely ladies that I feel I have so much in common with. I love my old school friends dearly, but it is just so refreshing to actually have a conversation with someone who knows what Pinterest is and how addictive Instagram can be.
I rushed home to change before finally seeing The Magic Numbers with Suz. Oh, it was so worth the wait! They were Amazing! The supporting act, Goldheart Assembly, were also very good. They are a folky duo with some cheeky banter and floppy hair. They were very cute, I would quite happily enjoy a Sunday afternoon in my craft room listening to their music.
Ever since that Saturday night I have had The Magic Numbers stuck in my brain.
I don't mind.
For once, I have had a lovely jam-packed weekend and it was so nice! Best friend time, TWICE, a plate of macaroons AND macarons, cups of tea, slices of cakes, lovely music and funny film lines repeated over and over.
Such a lovely, lovely time.
This weekend just gone has been eventful too. But I 'll save that bit of Excitement for another post.
A special post.
Night little tea drinkers.


  1. Ahhhh it all seemed so cute and magical! How great was it to meet your instagram friends? Wow.

  2. So many pastries, so little time!

  3. This is such a precious post! We really did have such a lovely day didn't we :) I can't wait to do it again! Hope you enjoyed eating those Ladurée treats! I wish I'd bought some now!

    Danielle xxx

    The Cocktail Composition

  4. Sounds wonderful! I would so love to join you ladies for tea in London. <3 xoxo

  5. Spontaneous evenings are always the best :) Looks like you had so much fun!
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  6. What a wonderful, wonderful weekend you had! I don't know if any weekend could top that one - look forward to your next weekend antics post :) your photos are so dreamy xx

  7. Ahhhh, Charlotte this all looks so yummy! Especially the red velvet cake with the sumptuous autumnal berries on top. Mouth. Drooling. Got to love a good cuppa and slice of nice :) Love the blog and its vintage inspired angle.

    Hope that you'll come over and say hi on :)

    Melissa x


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