Tea Review: Newby

Newby's pretty Flowering Teas come beautifully packaged individually in sweet mini boxes. These make pretty little gifts. I tried a lovely Rose and Milkyflower tea which were just so wonderful.
Rose Flowering Tea A small but vibrant Cerise coloured Amaranth peering out through the mass of leaves. This pretty tea is scented with the perfume of roses giving it that subtle floral taste and delicate rose aroma. This delightful tea is the perfect accompaniment to any tasty biscuit or cream cake, or even a cream cheese sandwich.
Milkyflower Flowering Tea The beautiful Magenta Pink and Yellow flower that blossoms from the bed of leaves is a marigold flower topped with a red Amaranth. The colours are just wonderful. The tea is very sweet (so no sugar needed here little sweet tooths!) but with a very delicate creamy taste of milk. Strange concept but very nice.
Jasmine Blossom Tea Lovely fresh Jasmine aroma. This pretty tea comes in a neat and tidy tea bag and is very very sweet, and rich in flavour. This tea would go perfectly with a nice Scottish shortbread finger or vanilla macaron.


  1. the flowering tea is so gorgeous! i've only tried those once during a tea class i took, but i really want to try more!! (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  2. The packaging looks so pretty! :)
    Now I want to try one of those. Especially the flowering tea

  3. These look amazing, the packaging is gorgeous and they just sound so lovely! x

  4. Wow they look so lovely, you're right they'd make such nice little gifts. I'm on a tea kick right now so definitely intrigued. The milkyflower flowering tea sounds so nice.

  5. These look incredible! So, so pretty!

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  6. They look so yummy :]

    Trill xo


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