Autumnal Magic

Oh Autumn and your gorgeous golden crunchy, crispy... and sometimes soggy leaves which makes my mother nearly slip (you are so naughty!) and your misshapen pumpkins and silly sweets that replicate gooey brains and chocolate eye balls and sour witchy hair. 
Your strong winds that looks lovely with your golden brown leaves swirling around like on Pocahontas and sometimes ridiculously strong winds that make branches fall and make grit fly into my sleepy morning eyes. Your miserable grey rainy days that make me wish I was indoors tucked under a blanket wanting to watch a Christmas film and warm hot chocolates with far too many marshmallows. Your sometimes sunny Sunday mornings with light peering through the curtains in my craft room and feeling all cosy as the heating hugs my bare ankles.
Your scary dark evenings starting as early as five pm, huddled into my coat covering my face with tartan scarves and blush pink bobble hats trying not to listen to Michael Buble's Christmas album and giving in whilst waiting for buses home from work. Your blustery days travelling to London because it's forty-eight days until Christmas and the Country Living Christmas Fair is happening and my Christmas elf inside me is just far too excited not to go. My purse being emptied upon the counter at each stall buying pastel paper straws and rose flavour chocolate and stocking gifts for Sebastian and buying a bag full of Lavender.
Your short dark days make me feel Christmassy and even though you are still very much Autumn, you cannot help but make the weather bitterly cold and force me to wear my winter mittens and make my thoughts consider the possibility of snowflakes falling upon my eyelashes. Christmas lights being strung along each shop front waiting for the grand switch on and those red cups filled with festive goodness and those wonderful packets and packaging in M&S and planning gifts and thinking of advent calendar ideas.
Oh Autumn and your gorgeous golden crunchy, crispy leaves... I love you so, but you make me wish and crave for Christmas, and you are so busy swirling your golden brown leaves around that it makes time go far too quickly and people seem to forget that preparation of Christmas is actually part of the fun.
Oh Autumn, I also love Winter. Very much so.


  1. Ahhhh autumn is quite beautiful isn't it? I think the anticipation of the holidays is what always gets me!

  2. pretty fall photos :)

  3. This is lovely Charlotte- getting me all excited for Christmas :) But Autumn is lovely, apart from the darker evenings! xx

  4. We don't get Autumn like that in Australia. So beautiful.

  5. Autumn is my favourite. The promise of Christmas is too exciting <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. i love autumn but i am feeling quite christmas-y too. i can't believe we are already in november, not long until the christmas preparations can begin :)

  7. I love this post, especially the last paragraph. That is so true, that autumn anticipation is the best part of the year. I love the crunching leaves and that first time you feel winter chill kissing your cheek. And the first snow. The build up leading into winter is the best. I cannot wait this year!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  8. i loved this post, your writing is captivating. my favorite part of Christmas is the planning and preparation!
    Janis x

  9. I love autumn, just this morning as I walked to work everything around me had that beautiful wintery look, all white and icey, which some people may hate but I find so beautiful, I can put up with being permanently cold for this.

    I'm your newest follower now by the way :)



  10. Super super cute- especially the pummykins and the straws! xxx

  11. Such a beautiful little post Miss!!! I am with you all the way. It is almost like i love Autumn far too much to let it go, but then Xmas is tempting me so!!! Have the loveliest weekend xxxx

  12. I love this post Charlotte!! I love autumn too- but I'm always a little too impatient for winter to begin too. I'm feeling festive already! xx


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