Forty Days

Fireworks night last week at Rye was amazing. A huge fire, a noisy parade, a spectacle of sparkly fireworks, tasty crispy chips, mitten covered hand holding, snuggly scarf wearing, muddy wellington boots. Perfection.
I have been busy this week sewing sewing sewing and making Christmas gifts. I am starting to feel organised, and sewing whilst listening to Christmas songs is making me feel Christmassy. Yesterday I popped into town to meet a couple of friends for some festive drinks.
I was casually trying on Turkey shaped hats in Accessorize when Wham's Last Christmas came on, I squealed with happiness and burst into song! This song is my ultimate favourite song. EVER! 
I went to Costa for a white hot chocolate with Nicola, and then to Starbucks with Lloyd for an orange chocolate mocha. Mmm. 
Because I am making nearly all of my Christmas gifts, it started to feel that I was being very unorganised. So I started sewing and making lists and now I must plan the whole month of December just so I can keep track of my time.
This Saturday is our town's Christmas light switch on. Cheesy Christmas music, Chestnuts, Christmas hot drinks, and a date with Sebastian, my brother and his girlfriend. It will definitely get me feeling festive and wanting to make more gifts. I cannot wait.

What are you doing to feel festive? Is anyone else mainly making Christmas gifts this year? How are you keeping organised?


  1. Oh my word, how did I forget- of course it's not Christmas until you hear Wham! My favourite Christmas song, ever. I'm personally kind of fed up of Christmas already what with working in retail but hopefully by the time it comes round and I get to spend time with my family (even if it is only two days) I will enjoy it. Because I've been talking about it since August it still seems like its a long way away but I've suddenly realised we're way into November and I haven't got many presents yet! Panicking slightly.

  2. These are gorgeous firework photos! I never manage to get any :(

  3. Aww those fireworks sound amazing I so need one of those nights.

  4. I really love those firework photos! I've been so busy lately that I've hardly had time to think about Christmas yet, which is making me a bit panicked. I'm mostly going to be baking things for everyone this year so hopefully once I set aside a couple of days for it I'll be able to get it all out of the way... hopefully it will all go smoothly! x

  5. I'm definitely getting into the spirit reading this post! The fireworks look stunning. I have plans to go to winter wonderland in Hyde park with friends so that should get me in the Christmas mood! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  6. I adore Last Christmas too! It's tied with Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmastime which I can't wait to put on heavy rotation soon. :) xoxo

  7. First of al, you look beautiful in that photo, really happy! Secondly, i love you because you also think that Wham's Last Christmas is the best ever xmas song, it SO is, nothing can beat it, i just LOVE it!!!! I am loving costas little festive cups this year, so so sweet. I tried their little black forest hot chocolate the other day and OH MY. I could drink it everyday i swear.

    Its our light switch on on sunday too, i am SO excited i cannot wait. Have a lovely weekend my dear xxxxxx

  8. I live by a mountain and every Christmas the people in my city put a giant star right on top of the mountain that lights up every night. That star's first light always tells me it's Christmas. I cannot wait for it to light up this year.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  9. I love "Las Christmas" too. It always makes me happy!


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