Hello 'Handmade with Love by Lottie'

So, if you didn't know already I love a good post day (Well who doesn't!). A letter plastered with stickers by Sarah, or a tea filled envelope from Jem or something I have ordered from a Japanese Stationery website. Love.
But, I especially loved the day I received a lovely package from Lottie. Lottie is a super talented, beautiful lady who is the sewing queen of 'Handmade with Love by Lottie'. She sent me a little email on a wet and windy day asking if I would like to review some of her pretty embroidered creations. To be honest, if I knew about her wonderful pieces before this email I would have put a few things in the basket and paid with my own pennies!
Lottie not only makes all her beautiful treasures using pretty fabrics from Liberty of London, Makower and Sanderson, amongst others, but each item is personalised to the individual! Custom orders here at Handmade with Love are very welcome. I think this is such a great idea. Eventhough I think Lottie has a good eye for these things anyway, how lovely to have something made to fit in perfectly with your other things at home.
Lottie asked me what I would like, and I told her I do not mind (I am annoyingly indecisive like that)! So when I received my items I was even happier. All these fabrics have been thoughtfully selected just for me!
Not only do I love anything Lavender, but this dreamy scented heart matches my new pretty dress. The little grey floral purse is so delightful, the soft grey fabric with delicate pinky floral print is just my cup of tea! I absolutely adore it. It is of such good quality too! 
Oh and the embroidery teacups are just... well... perfect! The individual bits of fabric and lace detailing has all been done so well, and has been sewn with great care to detail. This talented lady is so patient, she tells me if it isn't sewn perfectly, she will unpick and start over! These pieces really are 'Handmade with Love'!!!
If you haven't quite had the chance to check her selection of wonderful pieces out, Please make sure you do... Lottie's Etsy Shop.
If not for yourself, these items will make perfect gifts for your best friend, mother or even your secret santa at work! Let's not go mainstream for Christmas this year, let's support our talented creatives and go Handmade.


  1. Everything is gorgeous! I will definitely be trying to embrace a more home made christmas this year! I will definitely have a look at Lottie's shop

    xx Carina

  2. these look amazing and she has the best name :)

  3. These are SO cute! I love little things like this and I always love your photos. Will definitely be checking out Lottie's shop :)

    - Bridie
    Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  4. These look absolutely adorable! I'm already browsing the Etsy, so cute!

  5. Oh these are beautiful! I particularly love the "Always time for tea" piece. She's so talented! xx

  6. Oh, these are all super cute! Love the tea embroidery.

    Katie & Kay xoxo

  7. Oh wow! These are beautiful and so well made! I love cutesy gifts like these, especially the embroidery, so unique! Definitely will be checking out her little shop!

    Danielle x

    The Cocktail Composition

  8. These are so so so lovely! I need to get back into embroidery. Lucky you for receiving them :) x


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